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Well, when I transferred this site completely over to Faith’s servers I lost a lot of stuff. Why? Because I’m a moron an idiot a very forgetful person who sometimes doesn’t back things up.

I had to redo the templates from scratch, had to find some place where hopefully my archives were stored.

I had everything running perfectly, archives restored. Templates re-done. Then I had a problem with MT here, uninstalled everything… and AGAIN had to start from sctratch.

Like duh.

Well anyway, everything is back but most of the names from my notify list. I have no way of retrieving that back. So if you haven’t recieved an email update of this blog lately… well, now you know I’m a moron why. If you can please fill out the form again, I would *SO* appreciate it.

Like I said yesterday… time to move on. :0)
I have plenty of posts in my drafts here on MT to keep me going for a week.

4 thoughts on “Notify list…

  1. E, I’m not sure if this is me or you, but for some reason this site is loading super slow for me. I am on a cable lan line, so I don’t usually have this problem. Then again, you didn’t use to have such intense graphics. Oh well, it’s no problem really. I can wait for it, I just thought I would let you know in case it relates.

    Btw, {{{hugs}}}}…. sorry. I know how you hate that. Sometimes I just can’t help myself though… ;o)

  2. Hey, I’ll take {{{hugs}}} any time!

    There was a time where I hated them, because I was going through a rough time, and I was frustrated. It was all anybody was able to to and I appreciated it.

    It bothered me to see I was frustrating other people… but that was then, this is now.

    Things are better now. :0)
    I have learned to {{{hug}}} again!!!!!

    And a {{{hugz}}} back to you, Maria!

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