Now with FOX News spin action

Who was the President then?
Oh, right a Democrat. The people with such a silly irrational fear of commies that we needed to fight two wars in Southeast Asia because of it. 

Funny how any screw ups involving Republicans is stated “Republican”, yet monumental fuck ups of epic proportions like “Vietnam”, “Putting Saddam in power”, and the “Hostage crisis”… it’s simply billed as “American” mistakes.

– Erox, the merciless –

That’s right, kiddies… in the spirit of debate, and for a limited time only, watch me defend the Bush administration, the Iraq war, and trash Democrats in ways Michele, Acidman and Glen Reynolds can only dream.

Basically, I’m doing it for kicks.
In the same way I was booted out of the NeoCon New World Order, I’ve seen the largely-liberal crowd at Mykeru’s Salon des Refuse employ the same debating strategy as the Warbloggers…

…Ad Hominem attacks rather than putting any thought INTO the argument.
It turned me off FROM the Bush camp, and it sure as hell will turn me off FROM the non-Bush camp as well.

I’m doing it in defense of Doctor X, a fellow moderate who was also booted out of the republican kid’s club. Mine was the heinous crime of opposing the timing of one little war (and well, voting for Clinton twice. Bob Dole? Get serious.), and his was for telling some fundie winger that there is no God and the earth is a LOT older than 10,000 years. He’s getting it with both barrels there and I kinda like the dude.

I have yet to see an argument won by calling your opponent a “fucking retard”.
(They may BE a fucking retard, but I fail to see how that reinforces your position on any given subject.) These kids need to brush up on their debating skills before someone gets hurt.

You right wingers miss me yet? You’re probably going to need me in a few months.

Unfortunately, this site is officially “non-partisan” now.
Tough noogies.

EricBrooks.Com® – When will people learn that attacking a person over a disagreement means “one less person voting for your guy?”

11 thoughts on “Now with FOX News spin action

  1. What I will never understand is how people can seriously debate on the internet. Assholes are attracted debates like moths are attracted to porch lights. They see something shiny and just can’t help ramming themselves INTO it over and over and over to the vast amusement and/or annoyance of everyone watching.

    There are just as many rightwing assholes as there are leftwing assholes. They just hang out on different porches.

    But it’s good to see you again, -e-! 🙂 I’ve missed you.

  2. *sticks tongue out at Kare*
    *Hi Sandee!!!*

    Misty, I find it easier to conclude and accurately say *people* are assholes. Their race, religious and/or political beliefs are merely incidental. You find cool people (like you & Ralph) on an individual basis.

    I’ve been put in a box and categorized so many times that half the time I don’t even recognize myself when someone bitches about me on their blog. :0)

    HOWEVER… I would like to stress to any candidates looking for endorsements, I can be bought. (I’m a whore that way.)

  3. I’m FROM a small town called “Whoopin’ E’s Ass”, and you’re making me a little homesick with this one!!

    You know I’m kiddin’. Love ya like a play-cousin 🙂

  4. How about calling someone a fucking moron? Is that any better? *g*

    Who wants to hang out on a wing when you can drive straight up the middle anyway?

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