There are two kinds of people in the world…

  1. People that want to be lied to.
  2. People that *say* they don’t want to be lied to (but really, they want to be lied to).

There wouldn’t be all those Nigerian con-artists, Elvis sightings and the Weekly World News if it weren’t true. And the old breakup line “It’s not you, it’s me.” wouldn’t be so popular.

Trust me. You WANT to be lied to.
This is why we teach our kids that many of their observations are considered “rude”. Children are WAY too honest and have to be taught to lie in polite society.

I observe people all the time. The good and the bad.
Most people don’t want to hear the bad. And when they do, they seem to forget all the good things I’ve said about them. They just remember the bad. They get incredibly defensive and nasty.

I guess it looks like I’m passing judgement on them, but I’m not. I see things differently than most people. I look beyond the mask you’ve put on and see all the pain and the scars, and all your flaws… the things you either don’t know (or don’t WANT to know) about yourself.

And believe me… I am my own worst critic. You can’t put me down as well as I can.

I don’t see you and all your flaws as a good or a bad person.
It just makes you human. That’s all.

No judgments. Just observations.

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