Obsession (My life in brief)…

Dammit to hell…
This program will work, I will not be sick, I will not die, and I will have yet another publication fully automated by Friday!!!!

I am so run down….

Running on one one less pint of blood doesn’t help either. Monday was the company blood drive & I forgot all about it until I saw my appointment card… no sleep, no food, give blood. Why not? Only 16 employees gave blood, and the woman coordinating it was begging us to stay committed.

What a difference from last year where I went to three places, and they either ran out of bags, or the line went around the block to a four hour wait…

My arm is all bruised and I look like a heroin addict. But hey…. I’m saving a life somewhere, and that’s always cool.

* Here’s the problem… I don’t bruise. I never bruise. And I sure as hell wouldn’t stay bruised three days later. Something is wrong with me, but I got no time for that right now… only the coroner will know for sure.

* Had a photo shoot on Tuesday, all attempts to download the damn picture has failed… that’s what I get for zipping and rushing up upload them to my private network folder… oh well, I’ll get them tomorrow.

* Searing mouth pain… years of grinding my teeth from stress, has caused me to lose most of my back molars. Every now and then, I find me pulling cracked pieces of teeth out with my bare hands, as the blinding pain makes be temporarily lose my concentration. Other pieces fall in to the crevices and get wedged into exposed nerves and cause abscesses. I usually unwedge them with a straw. (No one wants to drink from my soda after that, wonder why?) Now that I have medical coverage, time to see a dentist, no?

* Batgrl & Beckett are safely evacuated… Hurricane Lili has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm and is expected to hit Louisiana and Texas any minute now… good thoughts her way.

Uhm, where was I? Oh yeah…. CODING!
*back to ignoring all of you….*

6 thoughts on “Obsession (My life in brief)…

  1. Doesn’t sound good at all. You’re pushing yourself too hard for too long. You need to take a break sometimes. Take a day off, see a dentist , do something you enjoy and try to relax a bit. Maybe it won’t even delay your work cause the work will probably seem easier and go faster if you feel more ok.

  2. I’m not going to tell you to take a break. You won’t, I know that. What I am going to say is EAT and SLEEP a little! That’s NOT a break E, it’s SURVIVAL!!! Come on now, you know better than this!!

    Thinking of you…. {{{hugs}}}

  3. you have my sympathy on the teeth thing…I used to grind my teeth all the time, and I’ve cracked one and shattered one doing that. dentists are not the devil, so you should ignore all paranoia and go see one, silly man.

  4. No… I’m not afraid of dentists. I love dentists (had this cute Filipino one back in NYC…) It’s a matter of time scheduling. (I also haven’t had decent medical coverage like I have now in almost 10 years.) Not to mention, I’ve had this “tooth pain” problem for years, and just when I’m about to go, it all subsides (usually I end up killing the nerve by jamming something sharp in it.) and I decide to postpone it for another time.

    Nico, I’ll take your advice about the break soon… got vacation time coming, and do or die I have to wrap this thing up tonight. :0)

    This new macro coding project will make my job 1000 times easier.
    I am so selfish… I’ve been mainly worried about my vacation destination. Shame on me.

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