OK I’m back (kinda sorta)

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Part of me is still lost wandering around ANARCHTICA… but I’m functional (as long as you don’t ask me any complicated questions like “What year is it”, or “Who is the President”.)

Much of the danger has passed so I put my site back up. There’s going to be a lot of big changes in my and my families lives in the next few months… and they come first. Many thanks to a handful of wonderful people who have seen me through this and still continue to. (They know who they are and no need to name them.)

So pardon me as I reinvent myself now….

Gotta reboot my brain now. See you later…

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Published by Eric Brooks

Web & Graphic Designer, Blogger, Musician, Evil Clown. I also code websites and promote people for a living. Still kind of a jerk, though. Approach with food. PS: Don't listen to Snopes. I am REAL NEWS, and I don't let my crush on Tulsi Gabbard interfere with my objective reporting. So NYAH!

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