Ok… I’m done.

No more doom and gloom.

Some people got what I was trying to say, some people didn’t.
A lot of us are just too damn frustrated to express mysel… uhm, I mean “ourselves” correctly.

Time to get goofy again, and fast.

…. and I will.
…….. any second now.

Is it 2004 yet?

**// Edited 8:48 PM //**
Well, I guess I can start by apologizing to Aaron for being an asshole to him last week. You’d think a guy who continually gets a bad rap for being a bully, would know better that to pass the same judgement on someone else…

But hey, a lot of great discussion was sparked on a few sites over the war (sorta) because of his post. It let us get out a lot of anxiety and jitters over it.

So, getting that off my chest… I am ready to get goofy again.
right now…
uhm… here we go…

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