Open Season: One Week Later

Well, it appears TGO aka King Stormtrooper has done my bidding once again, and took down his messageboard. LOL! (I SO own this creep.)

It was pretty sad to see him there all day long, covering his board, like a kid guarding his tree house with water balloons trying to repel invaders. A lot of big-name people are involved in Operation: Not In My Backyard. I thank EVERYONE FROM the bottom of my heart.

He set up a temporary one… I can’t be bothered. I want OUR message board back. (But lookit him over there all by his widdle lonesome… so sad! hee hee)

This Maddox-ripoff took some really mean butt kickings in his old days on Usenet , nominated for Fuckwit of the week (where he ripped off this diddy), even ran out of one crying, and I suppose he thinks this community will just roll over and die, and let him continue to torment Kat.

Tsk, the first swing you take is at a dead man. Looking through Google, I see you’re still Usenet’s biggest coward.

Can’t take the heat, jerk?
I suggest you move on to a new target.

30 thoughts on “Open Season: One Week Later

  1. It’s not that easy to get rid of TGO, it’s a temporary issue, its not down just temporarily offline there is a difference. down would mean its not coming back.

    furthermore it had NOTHING to do with you schmucks.

  2. Right, nothing to do with us, we were just using up all his bandwidth and he says so right there on his “poor me” page. TGO you will bow before us before the end of this month. This is fact. You will suffer until you are nothing but a giant blob of giggly slime begging for mercy.

  3. don’t flatter yourself, you didnt use up all the bandwidth there is a bit left TGO wasnt taking any chances. it was more TGOs fans reading going to the msgboard that was eating it up, you played a small part of it.

    TGO will bow before you? Yea right, hope you have a long time to wait because it will never happen.

    TGO will never suffer he’s way too superior for that

  4. Obvioulsy, the Goofy one (and btw that’s the best one so far!) knows not who he’s screwing with.

    I’m not scared of many folks myself, but when F and E team up with K, well, let’s just say those of us with common sense run for cover.

    Apparently, goofy has no common sense.

  5. Oh, believe me Lee… as bad as that combo is, there’s even MORE people involved than this clown thinks…

    Yeesh. More rantings FROM the maniacal monkey man…

    The web is FULL of imbeciles more worthy of this kind of scorn and ridicule. Why waste your time harrassing Kat? I even agreed with your assessment of that Unhappy White Boy moron.

    We’d even join you in on the bashing, if you didn’t hate us all so darned much!

  6. what are you going to do hack TGO’s site? thathardly would even make a dent.

    Visit TGO on the east coast? you’d be shot before you got to the front door. and if he didnt shoot you hes have you arrested just to be video taped and broadcasted over the internet.

  7. Yea and TGO spoke to his web host and they said they wont shut it down. i have the logs of whomever it was that complained. just so happened that the guy i spoke with enjoys the site.

    who woulda thunk it

  8. Why would a god hate himself? especially one that has everything in life and is above every single person.

    Shut the Fuck up SKank before TGO bitchslaps you.

  9. Whoa?!!?!!? Hacking? Shooting people?
    Where are you getting all this from?

    We are peaceful people, TGO. Are you threatening us?

    I expect better manners on my site, TGO.

  10. It’s not a threat, it’s what would have happened if someone showed up. and if its not the case then it won’t matter now will it.

  11. thank you for the amusement.

    who the hell is TGO? he sounds like a child, talking in third person like that. LOL whatever. he’s amusing.

  12. Maria, looks like you hit a nerve there. TGO gettin all dirty and stupid again because you point out he hates himself.

    TGO, when I come to your house with a sheriff, I don’t think you’ll be shooting so fast. See after we sue you and win your house, the sheriff will come kick you out and I’ll be there to videotape the whole thing to broadcast on your site, which will also belong to me.

  13. Oops. I don’t think his web host thought his comments about them not shutting him down was too funny. Maybe TGO talked to a different guy than the one that shut him down. But TWATM is dead.

    Who woulda thunk it.

  14. You are ALL my GODS (well, except tgo)… THANK YOU!!!!

    And lookie, I got a documented threat here FROM this jerk (no matter what he says) to shoot somebody. If he weasels out of this somehow, I’ll bring THAT little comment to his hosting biz’ attention.

  15. What you got is a statement warning you about coming on TGO’s property.

    like the old “Stop or ill shoot”

    that’s what happens when someone says “i know where you live”

    what you have is baseless

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