Operation: MySpace

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize that to reach the masses nowadays, you have to GO to the masses. Tommy Lee is doing it. So is my “next-ex-wife”, Bobbi Billard, as well as tons of personalities and anyone looking to hawk their business. Right now, the trend is setting up a MySpace page to augment your web presence.

So why should I and my pet project, Problem Adults be any different?

Now why am I saying on the front page that it’s the “Problem Adults invading MySpace”? That’s because there are several of us in there. We’re not only plugging Problem Adults, but ourselves as well (we are ALL about our individuality… we’re not a cult.). There IS no Problem Adults page on MySpace. It’s rough enough keeping up with my stuff. (And look for cameos by the “Adorable BrooksTeens” here and there on my page.) 😀

So if you have a MySpace page… gimme a “holla” ok?

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