Osama makes the Dems cry

Osama says the Dems are wussies. No kidding!So what happens when the most hated man in America shows up for his usual “Happy Anniversary/I got you good!,” videos and spews his usual garbage?

You do the exact opposite of what he says, right?

OK, well what if the crafty douche bag KNOWS this and uses reverse psychology in his messages?

Well, you roll your eyes, ask yourself “who benefits the most from these messages,” declare this politics as usual, and you make fun of everyone, of course!

I mean really, joining the crowd and picking on the spineless Democrats is hardly anything new. Hell I’ve been waiting for two days for one of them to get out from under their desks and fire back. [sound of crickets here]. So thanks for pointing out the obvious, Assama (DUH!).

Well have no fear, President Bush fired back for them:

“Hey, you sonofabitch, quit picking on Democrats… that’s OUR job!”

Indeed. 😀

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