Other than that, how was the Hilary Duff concert?

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It states, quite clearly, in the Internet Superhero Code of Ethics & Conduct, section four, subsection 16D:

“Members are strictly forbidden to mock, laugh, gloat, or otherwise partake in joyous behavior at the misery of a nemesis found in a twisted situation of extreme karmic proportions.”

Yes. I *DO* realize he looks just like my "CyberPal" character dressed up in a blue Zorro outfit. I get that a lot. Look I have no idea who he is. I never saw him before in my life... can you please get off my case now???Well that just SUCKS. I…

Oh. Waitaminnit. Silly me. I mistook me for someone else again.

I’m not some wierdo running around in a cape & tights. Just your plain ol’ average mild-mannered webmeister for a minor metropolitan… (uhm, well you know the rest of the schtick by now).

With that being said….
*tosses manual back in with the rest of the bathroom reading materials*

Carry on fair citizens of CyberTown. Nothing to see here.

EricBrooks.ComĀ® – One small step for ANARCHTICA, one giant big ass belly laugh for the Enemy of the State (who ever that scoundrel is…).

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6 replies on “Other than that, how was the Hilary Duff concert?”

  1. Wooohoooo Eric in tights and a cape mmmmmmmmmmm I wanna see ~ ohh wait I misread ~ you wrote you DIDN’T wear them *sniffle* ~ walks away sulking I’d wear ’em for you *sniffle sniffle*

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