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Bandwidth Crackdown!

XOOM is cracking down on anyone who is linking directly to their graphics.

In order to speed up their servers and cut down on bandwidth, anyone with graphics linked directly to a site on xoom’s server, you get this instead:
Good for them. Bad for me. Tons of people are linked to my Xoom site, using that method. I’ve notified everyone I know, and spent most of the week changing all of the old sites I’ve done.
If you’re linked to my Xoom site, please go to my linking page and use that source code.

Thanks for linking to me…by the way!

Up and Running!!!

I’m on a brand new server and everything is better than ever! Special thanks to Starr Pierce from ICOM, who is now my new best friend! This person deserves a raise for dealing with ICOM’s crankiest customer!!!! (Hey…the squeaky wheel, knowwhutImean?)

Got bored last night and decided to E-mail the President (yes, I have Bill Clinton’s email addy!) I’ll tell you more about it in Soapbox in a few days.

…now if only those two guys with the suits & mirrored sunglasses would just get off my lawn…they’re giving me the creeps!

Dissed & Dissmissed

I was SNUBBED by the techno-elite this weekend….SCREW THEM!!!! So much for hobknobbing with the creme de la creme of the web designing world. They treated me like some amateur…so just to prove a point…I am now employing CSS and DHTML in all of my work….WHY??? BECAUSE I CAN! I am not the amateur they made me feel. What, just because I never had my own computer before October, and just started web design?

Well, hey smart@$$es….I was reading since I was 4, and had a college-level reading/comprehension since 3rd grade….

I’m a quick learner.

If babbling in high tech terms (which the average person doesn’t understand)….and providing clients with lame web pages with little or no OOMPH, is what it takes to be in the club…well then COUNT ME OUT!!!

You are my people now. I will never leave you again.

Guestbook From Hell

I know, you wanna kill me for The Guestbook from Hell, right??? What part, the fact that it’s always down on the server, or the endless questions that don’t print?

….well, I solved one of your problems…

The reason that you kept getting error messages was because Yer’s Trooly, kept tampering with the CGI Script…well NO MORE. I fixed it and I’m leaving it alone…(At least until I learn how to configure the sendmail program…then you’ll all be thanked by mail right after you place your entry)

Hey, gimme a break! I never had a CGI-BIN before!

Okay…you beat it out of me…if you don’t want to go through the torture of the Guestbook from Hell you can go to The Guestbook from Heaven….you get there eventually through the Hell one…


Well, after four days it seems ICOM (My Web Host) has finally fixed the bug in my website, and I’m open for business…despite this one problem, they really are excellent. At least they spelled “Erox Graphix” right. If you want a laugh, you can check out the website that SPDI tried to set up for me at …

Anyone who has read my soapbox or has spent even a 1/2 hour with me knows what a nut I am about correct spelling…it seems these guys didn’t read the order form correctly and filed for a domain for I complained, they promised they would change it. When it turned out that interNIC wouldn’t do it for free, they basically expected me to live with their mistake….

Uh uh. No way. Services weren’t rendered as far as I’m concerned.

Now I’m working with professionals that have the same work ethic that I do. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Anyone interested on more information on being hosted by my web host can write to .

Cuz boys, girls, and future webdesigners…the object lesson of the day is:

The customer is always right