Gresser Christmas Party…

The family & I were invited to the Christmas Party at Gresser Realty in Effort PA…a real nice bunch of folks…
If you tried the link above, and noticed it’s dead, well that’s because their website won’t be up for another two weeks…
Created by Your Cyberpal himself.

You can see what was done so far in Test Run

I’m now listed at the design list at
(See: )
Proud of me?

Brand Spankin’ New

New Source Code Trivia question. Logos & Layouts is finally done. So is Tribute to Cartoon Redheads” and

Got bored…emailed the President both stories can be found in Soapbox.

“Erox Grafix” Update

I don’t mean to keep picking on these guys…they really are honest-to-goodness nice guys…


Well if you all remember back in August I abruptly terminated my commitment to SPDI because of their, uh, spelling problem. Now, go to
…see how many times they’ve misspelled “DIMENSIONAL”

Nearly Fatal…

My family & I were almost killed tonight on Route 115.

Just want to let all of our friends & family in NYC know that we’re all a bit shaken, but ok.

A deer darted out of nowhere, and thanks to Carole’s driving skills, the car missed hitting trees at 55 MPH by doing a complete 360 across a divided highway. Bumps, bruises and a lot of terrified children. Otherwise we’re ok.

A special thanks goes out to our Lord and Saviour, who decided it wasn’t our time yet. (As a dear friend & neighbor wasn’t as fortunate last week)

I’m REALLY looking forward to hunting season now.