‘Tis The Season…

No, not them… those holidays are over.
It’s time to change the copyright on all your webpages. (For those of you that don’t know how to write ” © ” in your source codes, just copy my ” © ” from here….).

I’ve been spending the week updating Gresser Realty and Reis Homes sites… Meyer Modular Homes and this one are next. To add more fun to the holiday mix, I was informed by our webhost, ICOM that their servers will no longer support Server Side Includes on regular HTML pages without modifications….
so we’ll all be “SHTML” pages in the next few weeks (with .htaccess files modified for .html just in case.)


Weekend Surfing Picks…

  • Simtastic! – Made by Faith Kaminsky, the site offers downloads & add-ons for The Sims program.
  • The Family Corner Magazine – Haven’t plugged Amanda’s site in a while. Great resources for parents of all types. Fun & freebies too. It’s a lot like EricBrooks.Com!, except it understands responsibility. :0)
  • Who’s The Man? – Part-time writer for The Family Corner’s Eric Ruhalter. He’s got his own site, and his stories are funny as hell! I wouldn’t be your CyberPal if I didn’t share this gem with you. Prepare to laugh your ass off!

Bandwidth-Sucking Evil!

Finally…. Zeldman removes his awards pages. He says what I have said for years. (Except Yers Trooly likes to send out letters to these benevolent “award-givers” with lots of colorful words… usually requiring the letter “F”, and explicit instructions to do something “anatomically impossible”).

That’s it… Zeldman did it. Now all of you mindless sheep must follow: DESTROY YOUR AWARDS PAGES! (BAA-A-A-A! BAAAA-A-A-A-A-!)

Word of The day…

Billegible recently did a search on the web for “CyberPal“… of course I’m there.

Memo2Me: Get around to registering “CyberPal” as a trade mark, and sue the shit out of the rest of that list! (Well, uh, except coSmiC diVa, of course!)

Silent Night

Peace on Earth… And good will toward everyone.

Wow. Thank you all for your wonderful words of support. I have a few of my own but for a *small* minority of people (I’ll have a bigger better list for New Years):

  • To KayCee, Fiona Elise, and my new CyberPal, Debra Smouse: I pray for your continued health, so I may hear from you all through 2001….
  • To Jeffrey Zeldman & family, who are celebrating their first Christmas in years… ENJOY!
  • To Joe Jenett, who will be visited tonight by the “Three Ghosts of Christmas Capitalism“, I wish you much success in the next year… and it’s okay to make money on the web, y’know (Didn’t you see “South Park” last night?).
  • To Amber, Suzn, Patti, Tiffany, Kare, and Webmistress Jo, who have also had it rough this year… hang in there. 2001 will KICK ASS!!!!
  • To Jeff Clark, John Stoddart, Madeline Jacobs, and Ken Price… your words of encouragement are always a comfort, and your wisdom always welcome.
  • To Matt Rossi, wherever you are, I pray all is well with you, my friend…
  • Faith… it’s been a blast (and all in good fun, right?)!
  • And most of all…

  • Spending her first Christmas with her biological dad this year.Ashley… Mommy & Daddy love you and will see you tomorrow.

I know I left out a ton of important people, but it’s time to turn off the computer, and have Christmas…

Holiday Surfing Picks

  • NORAD tracks Santa Claus – For those of you fools who stopped believing…. Live on December 24th, NORAD follows Santa Claus all over the world via Sattelite. The kids are gonna have a blast (available in several languages.)
  • Theoadore Muddfoot – A kick ass rock band with a real Ozzy Osborne/Randy Rhodes feel to them. They even got an excellent review by Slash, from Guns-n-Roses. My favorite track: No More (MP3)
  • The Grinch – The official movie site of the Jim Carrey/Ron Howard movie. Lots of fun games & downloads. And don’t forget to get your very own “WHO NAME”
  • EG1 Christmas/Chanukkah Cards – Yeah, I’m plugging my own damn site…got a problem??!!?? Lots of great contributors made it possible…& they’re all free.

As Deb has recently pointed out… yes, I do have a heart of gold (assuming I actually let you get to know me). Those who don’t believe me, can go fuck themselves!!!! :0)


Weekend Surf Picks

  • Red & Proud.Com – A vast library of all things redhead; Male, female, famous & fictional. Created by redhead Simon Cheetham.
  • -=ChelleCam=- – When you’re as photogenic as this young lady, you can have a site dedicated to her cam pics. She even has her own Yahoo Fan Club. Oh yeah, she blogs too. (And I really like the “Coke” statement she’s making on the screen tonight!).
  • Tacky Christmas Lights Page – HEE HEE!!!!! Someone has to journal all the people who overdo it for Christmas… Dean Clean does it, and does it well! The highlight of the site is his “Hate Mail” section. Hell he gets more than I do!!! :0)
  • Trudy’s Bitchin’ Hats – Brand spankin’ new blog by Rune…check it out!

Xmas Party!!!

Carole & I had a wonderful time tonight at the Reis Homes Christmas Party, held at the Hideaway Hills Country Club.


  • The food was excellent!
  • Carole & I met (and were re-aquanted with) a lot of contacts… as we had no idea the Gressers and the Brooks’ traveled in such similar social circles…
  • I look so damn good in an Italian double-breasted suit! :0)

Also: Some good news was sitting in my Inbox this evening, and it looks like I will be gainfully employed at a great place by the beginning of the year!

So long, Year 2000… without a doubt, the worst year of my life!

#%$&ing Netscape!!!!

It only took 4 days, and a new keyboard to figure out why this page kept crashing in Netscape 4.piece-of-crap.

Now that you can read this… here’s some advice:


I’ve gotta admit… despite my original thoughts on the matter, I’m actually impressed with NN6. It’s support of standards and CSS will now enable the 4 or 5 whackos still using Netscape to see the web the way the rest of us have for the past two years.

Enough for me to switch? Hell no.

Thanks to Patti for bringing this to my attention, and all her help in resolving this.

Hot Or Not???

I’ll put up my pic, if you put up yours, Damnbaby Diva

(ooh… a DARE!)

Mission: Impossible III


It appears I’ve succeeded where the Adorable Brookskidz have failed for almost two years:


Amaze your friends by following these easy, step-by-step instructions:

  • Have a pile of junk on your desk (meticulously balanced) topple off a shelf, and knock your full glass of iced tea all over your (so-called) “No-Spill-Guaranteed®” keyboard.
  • Scream “OH SHIT! OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!!!!” and lift the keyboard up in the air and shake all of the liquid out (so it can spread all over the circuitry reeeeal good!).
  • (This is VERY important!) Do NOT turn off your computer!!!! Continue working until you hear a sound like “PFFT!!!” come out (while smoke is unlikely, that’s an added bonus.)… THEN decide something needs to be done….

My next “Morons Anonymous” meeting is Wednesday at 7:30 PM… they’re gonna be SOOOOOOO PROUD OF ME!!!!


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