My Apologies to you Braves Fans

Hanoi Jane - circa 1972…But as a born and bred New Yorker, gotta show my team spirit for my home team…

Not enough? I HATE TED TURNER’S FUCKING GUTS!!!! I was up for a job at Turner Broadcasting in 1992…didn’t get the job. No reason in particular…except that they’re assholes!

Still not enough?

For every man & woman who sacrificed their life 30 years ago…I give you…Hanoi Jane a/k/a MRS Ted Turner


Websites #29 and 30… and, respectively. Two more spin-off sites from Gresser Realty (remember #27…

EG2 Fonts is #1 at Search-4-Free’s Fonts sectionTHANK YOU! (and that glitch that knocked their servers off over the weekend…the must be on ICOM too. We all went out over the weekend….)

Fuel Font Removal

Just got an E-Mail from Claes Kallarsson, of Fuel Fonts that the following fonts are no longer allowed for re-distribution:

Ashbury Flip Flop Royal Mobster
Ashbury Italic Fishsoup Palomino
Bazooka Fluffster Parkland
BigHeadMofo Flux Parkland Serif
Bomberman Gothicum Puffy Dreamland
Cake! Gummy Resurrector
Candybar Hoagie Romeric
Cherub Holodeck 5 Schleepy
Cherub Small Caps Hyperblaster Scribbled Monkey
Choker Inkblob Snakegirl
Decipher Inkybear Soopafresh
Dipdop Ion Spearbox
DiscoMonkey Jade Monkey Squizzlie
Dopdip King Anakin 2 Starmonkey
Dronecat Klonk Stoopid
Drowning Monkey Kryogenic Subhuman
Drugpusher Little Dotties Superhighway
Electrolite Lotusflower Veruca (alt. Veruca Black)
Flip Flop Metalcrusher Zyberbob

Effective immediately, your CyberPal is removing all of these fonts from EG2 Fonts as Claes is a pretty nice person, whose work I respect….

You can go to Fuel Fonts and get them there.


Spanky Brooks: 1996 - 1999Charles “Spanky” Brooks
1996 – 1999

After years of seizures, brought on by temperance shots as a puppy, the Brooks family loses one of our own today…leaving behind 5 broken hearted children.

He was originally named “Charlie” when we
got him at North Shore Animal League, but it was later changed to “Spanky” because, well, he was “Spanky”!

The burial was today at 2:15 PM. Yours truly, Cerberus, Fidget and Dot-Com were there to say goodbye to our friend. The news was broken to the children when they came home that evening.

He never made the papers for anything heroic, he never won any awards at shows…

…But that didn’t mean Spanky didn’t touch a lot of peoples lives and will be missed terribly.

The chilling sound of all of the neighborhood dogs
howling will continue throughout the night….


Before website #25 takes a good two months out of me…I’m putting the wraps on all loose ends here.

  • Updated Gresser Realty’s Residential Listings.
  • Updated Meyer Auctioneering’s page (soon to be it’s own website!)
  • Added Lou Bega’s “Mambo #5” as music in the Card Shop.
  • I promised the Brooks KidzComet Cursors” (but didn’t feel like paying a fortune for the registration key), so I did the next best thing…Personally, I am SICK of that trailing cursor script( it’s almost as played out as that damn dancing baby!), but I think we can all agree that it belongs on a kids page


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