Just a reminder…

  • Banned Books Week – See what’s been banned/is planned on being banned… right here in America??!!?? Show your support against ignorance!
  • The FBI has uncovered evidence that September 22nd may be another potential day of terrorist attacks. They got this from many of the suspects nailed recently. Off the record, I hear from insiders that some of them are “singing like canaries” against Osama bin Laden, Iraq, other terrorists, Al-Qaeda…and giving a lot of crucial information about future attacks, hideouts, and strategic layouts…While I’m extremely grateful, there will be no “Black-eyed virgins waiting for these guys in Heaven” now. Uh…you dudes *DO* realize that, right?

    Please be careful tomorrow, y’all…..

  • I think it’s time to put the wraps on America Under Attack. It’s definitely the calm before the storm, and unless any further events unfold… We’ll all be bracing ourselves for Operation: Infinite Justice.
  • I’ll also be taking this time to finish writing my account of the recent events in Ground Zero: The Untold Stories. Ever wonder how a newspaper operates when a story bigger than Pearl Harbor and Titanic combined unfolds right in front of you? STAY TUNED.It’ll also feature first-hand accounts by many of my friends who were right there in the thick of it (of course submissions are always welcome…).

    It’ll be here at SoApBoX, and then eventually be moved to its new home at Remember 9-11.

    It may or may not feature a chilling, non-fictional chapter called “My name is Maria“, about a woman who graphically describes buried alive.

    I’m still mulling over this, as I feel there were plenty of powerful true stories out there. Last week, it *definitely* would have been in bad taste…. however, there’s plenty of legend and folklore circulating around this tragedy already (Satan’s Face, Nostradamus, the cop surfing down, the firemen in the SUV)… and I feel there will be more as the years roll by. If I include it… there will be a stern ***READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*** warning on it, I promise.

    One of the people who told me their tale also has up-close and gruesome photos of the carnage at Ground Zero. I’m not sure how many I would be comfortable posting… but I do want America to remember what happened to us, and I want us to stay angry and supportive of military action.

  • Crucial Reads for America:

  • Truth or Consequences – By William Saletan – Currently we’re all feeling a form of “survivor’s guilt”, or are our heads being played with by our enemies…? It’s a A REAL EYE-OPENER!If we withdraw from the world and/or change our foreign policy… then we have given the terrorists exactly what they set out to do.
  • Stand Proud America! – In 1973, Canadian radio host Gordon Sinclair broadcast “The Americans”… showing support during an unpopular war amid great anti-American sentiment. Fifteen years after his death, his words come alive again in a widely-circulated E-Mail called “America: The Good Neighbours”… giving us all a boost when we need it most. While our enemies spread propaganda and slam us… someone remembers all the good the United States has done.
  • Did you remember to use MetaFocker in a sentence today?

Banned Books Week begins Sept. 22nd

James and the Giant Peach…BANNED???!!???

I was reminded recently by Deb (“Yoo-hoo… I’m up here”) Smouse that September 22nd begins “Banned Book Week”.

…excuse me for a second… while I check a newspaper, and make sure Jerry Falwell didn’t get elected President while I took a nap this afternoon.

Banning books… isn’t that the first thing Hitler did when he became Chancellor of Germany?

It kinda touches on today’sthis week’s overall topic:

“If the effort against terrorism is to succeed, we must court, not ignore, world opinion. And we must learn to listen, even when we dislike what we hear. Especially when we dislike it.”
Jeffrey Zeldman, responding to irate readers for his link to yesterday’s editorial in South African Daily Mail & Guardian

I love being an American. I can’t think of a better place to be. But let’s face it… we’re also the most naive, nosy, closed-minded, arrogant fucks walking on this planet.

Please tell me I’m not the only person in the Western Hemisphere that knew Third World countries have hated our guts for decades????

It got to the point where I couldn’t take the “Anti-American” sentiment on MetaFilter this past week… You bring up Hiroshima, and I’ll normally remind someone that we went back after the war, paid billions in reparations, and helped the Japanese rebuild. When Kuwait was invaded by Saddam… they came to *US* for help. When these little piss-on countries need billions in foriegn aid, with no possible way to repay it… who do they go to? The United States, that’s who.

I could have blasted these people. But instead, I listened. America should listen right now.

There’s no excusing what happened though. Those 5,000+ people didn’t deserve to die (Including three firemen that Carole & I knew). It’s still my belief that these terrorists will do what they do, simply for a taste of notariety, and well, they’re assholes. It’s still my belief that Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda needs to be wiped out of existence, and if the Taliban wants to get in the way… so be it.

But Napalming the people of Afghanistan; Poor people, already ravaged by war, opressed by the Taliban, fleeing their country in terror… they don’t deserve to die either.

Saddam Hussein (of all people), recently stated “Maybe the U.S. needs to rethink their foriegn policy”.

America needs to listen. America needs their eyes and minds wide open right now.

God gave you two ears and one mouth… He was hoping you’d listen twice as much as you spoke.

Make 9/11 – “Hero Day”?

This was just submitted to me at work, it seems like it also went to the Daily News as well:

"Hero Day" 

We have enough walls and memorials in just about every city of this great nation, you will see signs in an emergency dial 911. I offer that our elected public officials set in motion a bill that 9/11 (September 11th) henceforth be known as Hero Day. A day set aside to honor all the police, fire, emergency service technicians, and all those who put their lives on the line each day for the benefit of their fellow man. I further submit that a law be invoked, appropriately named the "Blue Law." This law would require that all stores and businesses to remain closed. No Business, no sales, no holiday. A day set aside for family, friends, and communities to gather together. Due to greed we have lost the meaning of Memorial, Labor, and Veterans Days let this day remain 9/11 forever. We should never forget.

Dedicated to The Twin Towers


God bless the victims and the families
God Bless American forever

Proud to be an American,
[Name omitted by Moi for privacy]
Retired NYPD

What do you guys think? I think it’s a hell of a great idea…

Help is on the way – A large convoy of trucks is lining up right here in Stroudsburg with medical supplies, and a whole bunch of other goodies from states going as far back as Indiana… on it’s way to NYC. Just waiting for clearance from the George Washington Bridge.


P*ssy at my doorstep…

Hey... it can happen??!!??Yeah, life is good.

Carole heads off to work at night, and I have “Puddy” show up right at the door, just minutes after she leaves… like clockwork. It’s a nice feeling to have someone snuggle with me at night again.

Carole knows, and has no problem with it. Truth be told, she’s actually encouraging it.

“Puddy” is apparently a housecat that somebody no longer wanted (or lost). I can tell, because she’s still kinda fat, and relatively clean, even though she has no collar or tags. She shows up every night looking for something to eat.


What did you *think* I was talking about?

Now that we no longer have dogs to eat our leftovers… Puddy and I have a great working relationship. She also boosts the kid’s spirits (If you recall, the kids were taken away, without even given a chance to say “goodbye” to them.), since we’re not legally allowed to have pets anymore.

Carole named her “Puddy Tat”. Original, no? This is the same person that named a black cat “Snowball” and an orange tabby “Dog” back in our N.Y.C. apartment when we first got married.

I’m trying really hard to be the tough guy here…. enforcing it in
everyone’s heads that we can’t keep Puddy as a pet.

The other night, the kids took her in because she was crying from the flashing lightning… I crashed after doing an all-nighter and going straight to work.

I was told Puddy spent the entire night sleeping on my chest.

So here’s the situation:

1) We can’t have pets…
2) I hate cats…
3) It’s EXTREMELY dangerous where we live. We spot bears crossing the road almost every day, looking for food for the upcoming winter (which is going to be a *BITCH*… you heard it here first!). We actually spotted a Bobcat on our property the other day, among other wild predators. Puddy won’t stand a chance out there alone. It’s just a matter of time before a wild animal either tears her to shreds, or gives her rabies.
4) You should see the kids’ eyes light up every time Puddy shows up. They go outside and play with her, try to sneak her in… then I have to be the bad guy and put her back out.
5) I’m probably more attached to this cat than I want to admit.


So what the hell do I do now?
Pictures of Puddy coming soon… (’cause I like to torture myself that

Terror in the U.S.

Photo: Associated Press/NBC
Dramatic footage captured by NBC’s “Chopper4”
Photo: Associated Press/NBC

Well, you can pretty much imagine what I did all day…

First was Attack on America, where I was given approximately 35 minutes to whip up a database script and pages to report ongoing events in New York City as it happened… and the newsroom wanted us going live by 10 AM.

Hey. You know me. Piece of cake.

Then, around 1PM, Our publisher announced on tv about our web coverage, and the paper is printing a special edition at 5PM.
entitled: “Terror in the U.S.

Talk about a mob scene. This paper is already a collector’s item.

Then they wanted a “web version”…

That’s okay. I didn’t mind throwing myself into my work today… even seeing pictures of places I hung out, worked, had lunch… now covered in 6 inches of debris. Or AP pictures that was deemed “sickening”, even by my standards.

As long as I don’t have to think about all of the friends and family I have, that work in the financial district.

That I may never hear from again…..

I throw myself into my work, and I don’t have to think about this very surrealistic day… which I know, things will never be the same no matter what.

Slaving away at Server-Space

I decided to make a last-minute twist and go PHP at Server-Space. The site is still in the “Under Construction” stage, but it’s not stopping people from signing up for more information like crazy!

With me and Carole both working yesterday, we took turns keeping the kids at our jobs for a few hours… by 11:30, me and the kids were bored silly, so I took them down the block for the…

Brace yourself….


(I’m serious. Stop laughing… they really have stuff like that in Stroudsburg.)

Garlic popcorn, garlic artwork, even garlic wine that claims to be as powerful as viagra.

I shit you not.

We lasted about 10 minutes there with the smell. The Adorable BrooksKidz wouldn’t even let me stick around and check out the special musical guests: THE GARLIC-EATING TUBA TROUBADOURS.

First time I ever took the tribe to a festival, and not have to spend a dime… they wouldn’t even take the freebies the vendors offered.

Eventually, our appetites returned… and we ran around the corner for pizza.

Plain pizza. ;0)

Pocono People: Kitty Jones

I had the honor of featuring my dear friend, Kitty Jones in Pocono
today. Every week, the Pocono Record picks someone, and features them in a section called “Pocono People”. (Last week featured one of the many constables that have tried to arrest Carole over the last few months, but let’s not open that can of worms, ok?)

When the Tribe called Brooks was stranded in Stroudsburg (as usual, thanks to the vehicle we lovingly refer to as “THE DEATHMOBILE”), Kitty was there for us, with her tour van, to get us home safe & sound.

Visit the Kit's Kaboodle Website for booking information, or to catch a show in your area.She puts on a phenomenal one-woman show called “Kit’s Kaboodle“, bringing in audience members to play various parts, and she does this all across the PA, N.J and N.Y area. (Click Here for her Show Dates)… it’s really incredible, you’ve gotta catch one of her shows.

The article is here, and her biography (bet you didn’t know she was in “As The World Turns“) is here.

I met Kitty when she hired us to redesign www.kitskaboodle.com at the Pocono Record, btw….

All moved in…

I’m currently working out the kinks with all of the new CGI settings, but for all intents & purposes, EricBrooks.Com is back in business.

Back to school

  • The Adorable BrooksKidz are getting ready for the grueling task of getting up at 5am for the bus again…
  • Eastern Poconos Community News is running a special print (and online) edition about how the “Zero Tolerance” laws are affecting students across the country. 

    So what do *YOU* like/dislike about going back to school? 

  • Moving to a new server…

    Hey CyberPals!

    Expect intermittent service here, as I make the move to my new virtual home on Server-Space…

    $8.00 per month, full CGI support (since people have so much trouble with Greymatter) and they won’t block your friend’s email off the server unlike other webhosts (*COUGH*).

    Gotta re-write Perl locations, massive uploads… you know, all that fun stuff.

    Maybe even finish the Server-Space site while I’m at it… y’know?

    Anyone interested in a new webhost, let me know.

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