HOLY [insert noun here] BATMAN!

My day was just made as I received an E-mail from Yvonne (“Batgirl”) Craig today.BatgirlThere isnt a man alive that didn’t watch “Batman” on tv, or see the cute little green girl that helped Lord Garth take over the Enterprise in “Star Trek” and not fall in love with her instantly!

She has a great website www.yvonnecraig.com, featuring RealAudio, tv & personal appearances, and tons of pics (A site definitely worth visiting!). I dropped her a line, to tell her I loved her site, and she wrote me back thanking me for visiting. No auto-responders, no agents or reps, Yvonne Craig herself! A first-class lady and actress who’s down-to-earth and never forgot her fans (See if Alicia Silverstone will ever be bother to write to any of you!). Who knows, maybe she’ll even sign my Guestbook, like the President did. [HINT! HINT!]

Gresser Christmas Party…

The family & I were invited to the Christmas Party at Gresser Realty in Effort PA…a real nice bunch of folks…
If you tried the link above, and noticed it’s dead, well that’s because their website www.gresserrealty.com won’t be up for another two weeks…
Created by Your Cyberpal himself.

You can see what was done so far in Test Run

I’m now listed at the design list at http://www.voicegateway.com.
(See:http://www.voicegateway.com/choose.htm )
Proud of me?

Brand Spankin’ New

New Source Code Trivia question. Logos & Layouts is finally done. So is Tribute to Cartoon Redheads” and

Got bored…emailed the President both stories can be found in Soapbox.

“Erox Grafix” Update

I don’t mean to keep picking on these guys…they really are honest-to-goodness nice guys…


Well if you all remember back in August I abruptly terminated my commitment to SPDI because of their, uh, spelling problem. Now, go to www.eroxgrafix.com
…see how many times they’ve misspelled “DIMENSIONAL”