Hoo boy… I’ve done it now!

  • Author/Blogger Paul Bauch paid me a visit (he’s got this cool tracking script), and gave me a piece of his mind in my comments.

    Just kidding there. He was a perfect gentleman, and wanted to clarify that his book about blogging is more of a technical/informational nature, and the only rule is to have fun. He has several books on Amazon, and I would encourage you to buy them all.Nay! Buy SEVERAL copies! And I’m not saying that because I fear Matt and the MetaFilter Mob™, or getting beaten up and crying like a bitch, or nothin’ like that.

  • The Whacky Iraqi – Awards the “Finger of the week” to… (drumroll)
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You STOOPID, bloated sack of PROTOPLASM!

Excuuuuuuuse me!!!!

I wish to interrupt all your seeeeeerious discussion on seeeeeerious topics to make a brief announcement….





Found via .:Chapel.Perilous:.
(Is that the most kickass-designed site you’ve seen in a while, or what?)

Plus they read Bad Attitudes.
Have mentioned that I work with Jerome’s brother and niece lately?

More mesmerizing than watching your computer defrag!

Have you people checked out the World as a Blog?

As a new post comes in, somewhere in the world (assuming they have Geotags), a blip shows up on the map with an excerpt of their post. Few things impress me these days. THIS is definitely one of them. I can stare at this thing for hours!

  • What? Real time & updating display of weblog postings, around the world
  • How? Weblogs.com + geocoding + RSS
  • Is it really real-time? Nearly! Weblogs.com updates about once per minute. the geo-blog poller checks about once per minute. and flash checks in with the server about once per minute. so at worse, it’s 3 minutes in the past, at best 1 minute.
  • Why so few blogs? Only ~13% of weblogs are geocoded (May 2003)
  • How do I? Add GeoTags and RSS tag to your Blog, then Ping Weblogs.com
  • What is Online@GeoBlog? View who’s watching geoblog right now. Sign in with your url. Must have geo tags to be represented.
  • Contact mikel_maron at yahoo.com – Brain Off

Mr. McGhee, don’t make me angry…

I guess in light of tonight being the premiere of “The Hulk“, and inspired by many posts by pops on the subject…

Perhaps I should shamelessly re-plug my 3D flash movie:


The First Episode of The Super Dudes“Incredible, Ain’t it?”

Maybe with a big enough pep talk, I’ll get around to making the second installment, where Captain America talks to kids in an inner-city school about drugs?

No. Nothing is sacred to me. Why do you ask?

A (brief) moment of sanity

One of the cool things about terrorizing the web with a meme, is that you find yourself flooded with visitors FROM Blogdex and DayPop. As I continue to relish in all my smug jerkiness… I read a few other things on the front pages.

Most notably was Glenn Reynolds’ “The Good, The Bad, and the Blogly“. Which was, as he states on the page, a response to the sniping about Dave Winer’s (*takes a moment to kneel and genuflect*) “What makes a weblog a weblog?“.

Add that with all the furor of Rebecca Blood’s, and Paul, Meg, and Matt’s books on blogging, and I have to ask a simple, itty, bitty question…
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Why I’m such a jerk.

I’m not only a jerk, but I’m damn good at it.

Hell, I’m better at it than you’ll EVER be, BAY-BEEE. Wait, better yet, I’m on a professional level of jerkiness!!! Batgrl didn’t knickname me The Vortex Of Mischief™ for nothing, ya know.
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International Heckling Day

Bozilla The Clown
Yes. “HECKLING DAY” is finally here, kiddies! Nothing spreads lots of cheer, readership and lotsa hits like a good meme. Here is your chance to hit comments all over CyberTown and cause chaos and mayhem wherever you go… and drive your hit counters through the roof.

What is heckling day?
What, are you stupid or something? What part of “Heckling” + “Day” don’t you understand?
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Central Park Revisited

In the news: Trisha Meili, aka “The Central Park Jogger” is coming out with a book about her 1989 attack called “I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility“.

I remember the story all too well. On April 19th, 1989, she was grabbed while jogging in Central Park, brutally raped, her head bashed in with a rock, and left for dead as she lost 3/4 of the blood in her body. It was one that outraged New Yorkers We prayed, we worried… but mostly we saw red…we wanted justice to the point where we wanted to see it served at all costs.
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