To the artist formerly known as Judge Wussy…

Yo man, WTF is this????? Flogging a dead horse???? Dubious reasons????

You’re commenting on the 17th about something I wrote on the 14th about what happened on the 9th????

Isn’t this kinda like the pot that accused the kettle of living in a glass house with a slingshot???

Has it ever occurred occured to you that news travels in my corner of cyberspace a little slower? Maybe I’m busy maintaining a string of sites in the Poconos??? Maybe I wanted to get all the facts (originally via heresay…I admit it) before I opened my yap?????

At least everything I
said is still up
… and where, oh where has Kill Your Blog gone???

Blog Nicely Judge Wuss… you never know when I may be reading.


Leader Diva has spoken to me. She disagrees, but respects my opinion on this… She felt it’s a matter for the individual, offending Divas to work out and settle….you know what?
I respect that. I also understand it’s been worked out… I really respect that (and want to adamantly stress that none of us so-called “anti-diva-movementers”[via judge wuss] had anything to do with it. ALSO: I am not now, nor have I ever been anti-diva… just voiced an opinion that’s all.). I was upset that they were quiet and since then Netscape Diva, Random Diva, Bleu Diva, (Jeezus, this is starting to sound like the Spice Girls!), and many more have all spoken up and voiced their thoughts… and I really really respect that!

To make it worse, Kitty Diva wished me a happy father’s day, Loudmouth Diva actually said something nice (I think?)…and they’re all being nice to me…STOP THAT!!! …why can’t you all be miserable unforgiving evil people like me????? Like I don’t feel bad enough coming down on you all like that???? STOP THAT!!!

Obligatory Haiku (Every blog has to have one, I suppose)

Stupid ass haiku
I hate making a haiku
haikus are so dumb

And all this time I thought Uncle Joe hated me (::Sniff::)
Zoinks!!!!! I’ve been assimilated!
Yes… Fear Me!!! (well maybe not you… you can easily kick my ass!)

Yana and Jujubeans DivaCOME BACK!!!!
There… I blogged tonite. Happy, Jon ??!!?!!?

Start your engines…

With the Pocono 500 going on less than 3 miles away from me, the Tribe called Brooks ain’t going anywhere this weekend.

I gave the Digital Divas story a quick re-write and renamed it

Digital Divas II: A condemnation really really bad scolding“. Personally, I thought I was too rough on them… I’m hoping they will see this as a golden opportunity to make it up to this kid and show us what the concept of this organization is all about. By and large they really are a wonderful bunch of ladies…

How shocked I was to find out that Loudmouth Diva was nowhere to be found in this fiasco. I’d tell her that I think she’s hysterical, and her blog is quite entertaining… but we got t

his great hate/hate relationship going on… Why ruin a fun thing?

Weekend Surf Picks

  • Once I noticed I was on fire, I decided to relax and enjoy the fall. – Some seriously deep thinking, book quoting and logging by Matthew Rossi. He’s a good buddy of mine at MetaFilter. Man, I love this guy!
  • *N SYNC 4-EVER! – It’s a pretty amazing site for a number of reasons: Packed with details, lots of fun stuff, and the entire site is owned, operated and maintained by a 13 year old girl….
  • ThinkDink v.02 – Cyber home of Jessica Reynolds and her son Ben. You can peek into their daily lives with her weblog or surf some of the sites she’s created. She does some pretty nice work.
  • Personality Creations Jackie Capps is another phenomenally talented lady. Packed with clip art, craft tips, games… if you somehow manage to get through everything that site has to offer, you can send personalized letters for all occasions at her other site, All Letters.Com… a definite site worth bookmarking to return around the Holidays for the kids (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you).

Hell freezes over!!!!!

Well, maybe it just hit a cold patch.

I am officially billing WHUZZUP as a kind-of “blog” now…
For a number of reasons:

  • I’m getting a lot of visits from the MetaFilter crowd lately (secret: post a lot of obnoxious shit there, and they all wonder what you could possibly have left to say in the privacy of your own site…) their eyes are trained to hit links with the word “blog” in it.
  • No one seems to know/care about this section as I have called it “updates” for almost two years…gotta change with the times, baby!
  • I have been “sorta-blogging” this page via a customized CGI script long before you lil’ whippersnappers ever heard of Blogger or Pyra. Most likely, during my annual redesign, when I convert this site into XHTML, I’ll add a lil’ CyberPal face next to each entry, so you can link to it and amaze your friends with how much stupidity I can spew in a week…

Yeah… once a week! I got a life you know. Sorta.

Go ahead Jay, Tom, Matthew and Jo… let me have it with the “I told you so’s”, as I swore it was never gonna happen on this site. So, what do you think?

Daddy? Wherever you are? I made you a little something for Father’s Day .


She was only thirteen…

I’m withdrawing my support for the Digital Divas in their “Diva & Goliath” campaign.

When catty, immature members can attack a 13 year old girl for a simple mistake… well, that makes me sick to my stomache! From what I’ve read all over the place, and from the emails I’ve been getting, most of the web feels the same way.

I’ve removed all traces of “Battle of the Digital Divas“, and replaced it with
Digital Divas II: A condemnation“.

They’rrrrrre baaaaack!

Well, I tested the Font Site today, and I seem to be able to download a few, and access it via FTP. The XOOM site appears to stil be down though.

No brawl at the office yesterday… the fine gentlemen understood the complexities of a company takeover. They also realize that this construction company is owned by people originally from Brooklyn & Queens and it will be run like one… capice?

Memo2 Zippygirl: Hang in there girl, and keep doing what you love!
Believe me… I know what you’re going through!.

Just one thing… STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT!!!!! I’m gonna have no reputation left! It’s hard work being a bastard, I tell you!!!!

This weekend’s just getting better!

On top of all the technical, financial and physical (yeah, my life is a Sylvester Stallone movie!) problems at my new job…

I was just informed by CyberPal, Steve Sobol, that my XOOM sites are down as NBCi bought over XOOM and they’re making changes to their mail system and everything is down….

Meaning…no fonts, no desktop themes and no screensavers for you! This *SO* bites!!!!!

I have a few tricks up my sleeve…but it’ll take a few days to set up assuming I don’t get locked up on assault charges…don’t ask!)….just know I still love you guys, okay? ‘Cause “we”, here at EricBrooks.Com, support our Friends…

Weekend Surf Picks

  • EvilPeople, Inc – They haven’t updated since Christmas…but it’s still hysterical! buy cool things like “At-Home Dental Kit”, “Dark Side Of The Force Handbook” and “Albert(tm), Your Own Thirty-six Year Old Guy” in exchange for your soul…Uh…I *hope* it’s a spoof…or else I shorted them. :0)

  • Woops.Org – Colleen’s own site from It’s designs are just too cool. Today’s lesson kiddies?Show me your boobs, and I will definitely do all I can do to drive visitors to your site.

  • Speaking of boobs, Charlotte knows I’m alive (tee hee!), So now, I’m gonna plug The Breast Chronicles again!!!!(See, guys? Believe me, foxes like Colleen and Charlotte would never talk to a dork like me in real life…you guys really gotta get a website…trust me on this!)

  • Richerson Interiors – Really nicely-designed online store by designer Aaron Cohen. Aaron has an amazing tale of how he survived a fatal (he was pronounced dead) car accident, and has overcome his handicaps and even learned to walk again… I hope one day he shares the entire story with the web… It was pretty damn inspiring.

Oh yeah… Happy Birthday Brother-in-Law! John Fruner turns 36 today!

Father’s day & Mother’s Day comes & goes on this site…

…Since I have neither (Everyone: “Awwwwwww”) there are some other great sites that have plenty of things to do…just want to warn you all ahead of time. That’s the way it is here.

I spent the week adding more listings to Gresser Realty, I also started work on Cindy Gresser’s Save-A-Dog project…it’s still under construction…..

I wasn’t sure when Father’s Day was this month, so I penned “Dear Dad ” today. For anyone who grew up without a father (or wished they did)…this one’s for you. Considering June 7th would have been my mom’s 75th birthday…it’s for her too. :0(


Friday’s here….and I’ll be totally honest, I didn’t do crap at this site. Just a lot of whining all over cyberspace to people that really didn’t want to hear it. I’m fine about it. Really. Weird fucking week for everyone I know.

Rather than set up one of those silly cameras, I figured I’d show you a few things I see out my window every day. Besides, I do a lot of “things” when I’m alone that I’d rather you don’t see (bet you really wanted to know that, huh?). This is the view overlooking the Pocono Mountains in Sierra View.

This is Charlie. He and his harum of does are in my backyard every morning. Carole and the kids can’t get enough of them. I can’t wait till October’s hunting season so I can say “BYE CHARLIE!”. Now before you say “Eric, you heartless bastard” (man, I miss my mom!)… please understand why I feel this way. Why Carole & the kids don’t hate them is beyond me.

You try to kill me and my family, I try to kill you back. Not a difficult concept when you think about it.

  • BTW, Monday June 5th, is me & Carole’s 8th anniversary.
  • It’s a Girl! Congratz to Kevin & Lynn O’Reilly. Brianna O’Reilly was born 5/31 at St. John’s Hospital in Queens. The O’Reilly’s are Sammi’s Godparents, if you’re that curious.

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