CGI-BIN is back up!!!

I uploaded a new version of my Erox Graphix Channel
I think I’ll go and take my quiet week out on all of the lame sites nominated for the
1999 Webby Awards

With the exception of and Shockrave…there wasn’t a site worth a crap!
CAST YOUR VOTES…ballots end February 28th.

If you are reading this….

…then I’m on my new server! Got a letter from my Web Host stating that this site is one of the most popular sites that they host (Thanks to YOU!). I’ve been moved to an even faster server, and my pal Starr Pierce has once again saved the day and restored my cgi-bin! So go…fill out those forms, play with my counters, sign my Guestbooks, Ask the Magic 8-Ball anything you want!

Erox Graphix is back!!!

Oh yeah, and in a week or so, send your Valentine a FREE Electronic Greeting Card


Apparently hackers have declared war on interNIC. Widespread delays are being caused on processing requests as they sift though the flood of false claims in their data banks. Of course no one will comment on how extensive the damages are. This comes at a time where my clients, Gresser Realty are anxious to unveil their state-of-the-art website; featuring advanced search options, fully interactive forms, etc. So far, these wonderful people are displaying more patience than I have (or the support team of our webhosts, for that matter). This site will make or break me out here out in the Poconos. All we’re waiting for is a domain-name transfer from interNIC.

Don’t these hackers realize how much money they can make by using their expertise in solving the Y2K Crisis?

Speaking of problems & glitches, my cgi-bin is down. I’ll let you all know when it’s back up again.

HOLY [insert noun here] BATMAN!

My day was just made as I received an E-mail from Yvonne (“Batgirl”) Craig today.BatgirlThere isnt a man alive that didn’t watch “Batman” on tv, or see the cute little green girl that helped Lord Garth take over the Enterprise in “Star Trek” and not fall in love with her instantly!

She has a great website, featuring RealAudio, tv & personal appearances, and tons of pics (A site definitely worth visiting!). I dropped her a line, to tell her I loved her site, and she wrote me back thanking me for visiting. No auto-responders, no agents or reps, Yvonne Craig herself! A first-class lady and actress who’s down-to-earth and never forgot her fans (See if Alicia Silverstone will ever be bother to write to any of you!). Who knows, maybe she’ll even sign my Guestbook, like the President did. [HINT! HINT!]

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