Nearly Fatal…

My family & I were almost killed tonight on Route 115.

Just want to let all of our friends & family in NYC know that we’re all a bit shaken, but ok.

A deer darted out of nowhere, and thanks to Carole’s driving skills, the car missed hitting trees at 55 MPH by doing a complete 360 across a divided highway. Bumps, bruises and a lot of terrified children. Otherwise we’re ok.

A special thanks goes out to our Lord and Saviour, who decided it wasn’t our time yet. (As a dear friend & neighbor wasn’t as fortunate last week)

I’m REALLY looking forward to hunting season now.

Movin’ on up!

Well, as of this afternoon it became official:

I received an email from the Microsoft Site Builder Network… my status has been upgraded from Level One up to Level Two!!!
And let me tell you…they don’t just let anyone into the Site Builder Network…your site has to be inspected and display some high tech stuff….and that’s just Level One!
I received this email, as I had a client over to discuss their website…

Proud of me??? :>

More redesigns

Re-did “WHUZZUP!” and the interview pages.

Went though great pains and did my best to make the EG1 Textviewer look right for Netscape…

DAMN YOU NETSCAPE WIERDOS! You KNOW how I feel about Netscape…why do you come here and use that browser on my site???


Re-did the ever-so-stunning Splash Page for my Microsoft Channel Guide.
Yep. I am a proud member of Microsoft’s Site Builder Network, and you can put “The Erox Graphix Channel” right into your Microsoft Channel Guide (assuming you have MSIE4, of course)
Just click here->< —
After a quick tour of my splash page of course!

Are you signed up for my E-Zine?

Shame on you. Fill out the form already and subscribe!
Afraid of stepping into the unknown??? That’s understandable. Now you can go to The Vault and read the back issues and see what you’ve been missing! Only subscribers can get featured in “Spotlite Site“, so if a few extra hundred hits to your site doesn’t excite you, well then…don’t subscribe…

Bandwidth Crackdown!

XOOM is cracking down on anyone who is linking directly to their graphics.

In order to speed up their servers and cut down on bandwidth, anyone with graphics linked directly to a site on xoom’s server, you get this instead:
Good for them. Bad for me. Tons of people are linked to my Xoom site, using that method. I’ve notified everyone I know, and spent most of the week changing all of the old sites I’ve done.
If you’re linked to my Xoom site, please go to my linking page and use that source code.

Thanks for linking to me…by the way!

Up and Running!!!

I’m on a brand new server and everything is better than ever! Special thanks to Starr Pierce from ICOM, who is now my new best friend! This person deserves a raise for dealing with ICOM’s crankiest customer!!!! (Hey…the squeaky wheel, knowwhutImean?)

Got bored last night and decided to E-mail the President (yes, I have Bill Clinton’s email addy!) I’ll tell you more about it in Soapbox in a few days.

…now if only those two guys with the suits & mirrored sunglasses would just get off my lawn…they’re giving me the creeps!

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