Out of the mouths of babes II

Ashley: Daddy, who’s that girl on your desktop screen?
Daddy: That’s my friend Amber.

Ashley: She’s real pretty.
Daddy: Oh yeaaaah….
Ashley: Mommy’s gonna kill you when she sees that.
Daddy: Oh yeah. Definitely.

Wouldn’t *YOU* all like to see my new desktop wallpaper… <EvilGrin>

  • Jessajune and a friend Sporting major cleavage
  • – Vive la Rennaisance!!!!

  • So Jann was the one “Cuffed and stuffed in front of a TV crew…” Hmmmm…
    I always knew that girl was trouble! :0)
  • Kare is getting a webcam. Eric is staying up later during the summer.


Is that Aortal enough for you guys… or do ya want some more? 

“Come” visit the Netherlands…

Booboolina cracks me up everytime! She finds the funniest things out there.

This link to this 6/14 entry is hilarious, and points out everything that I think is wrong with womankind.

Yeah… a trip to the Netherlands is a requirement; but for ladies to visit the “ol’ South Pole” is out of the question unless you’re reeeeeal special!

No clue what we’re talking about? Bless your heart. Don’t ever change. ;0)

(Special thanks to John & Amber for Trivial Pursuit. Voting’s over. I talk to myself. And *THIS* project is what brought us all together and brought me some fun new friends… depite what delusional people may think.)


Through the eyes of an eight year old…

I swore I’d never mention the kids or get personal on this site ever again, but this was too much.

After last night’s entry, I was heading to grab a cigarette, where I heard Erika calling for me.

“Daddy, can you stay with me until I fall asleep?”, she asked in her timid, squeaky voice, “I think I’m going to have a nightmare tonight.”

I knew what was coming. I knew they shouldn’t have watched it. I even went to work an hour late to hear the all-too-graphic account of Timothy McVeigh’s execution. We were riveted. It was too compelling. It was good journalism. It was good tv.

Daddy: “Wanna talk about it?”
Erika: “Why did that man have to die?”
Daddy: “He was a bad man, honey. He killed a lot of people.”
Erika: “But the prison killed him. Isn’t that bad too?”

Dammit to hell. Out of the mouths of babes.

I usually have an answer for everything. What happened to mommy, why we’re living somewhere else, even why loved ones have to die… this time I was stumped. I couldn’t even rationalize it to myself.

I am *SO* for the death penalty. I’m glad this war-hero-turned-killing-machine will never get a chance to repeat this atrocity again. Now that gurney is free for not only more killers, but drug dealers, rapists, hatemongers, child molesters, foreign and domestic terrorists, and mimes.

But I feel as hollow and as empty as most of the family members/survivors who went to see this monster off into the next world.

I know why he did it. Waco was this Country’s biggest fuckup/coverup since, well… ever! The difference? I watched it on the news, said: “wow, that was fucked up”, grabbed a coke and watched a comedy on channel 11. He blew up a building full of civilians who may or may not have felt the same thing. I’m sure the 19 children killed never heard of Waco, TX.

Like John, I think this is far from over. There are more David Korresh’s and more Timothy McVeigh’s who are more than ready to take their place in Militias all over the United States.

Yesterday, one of their “heroes” became a martyr.
Having Janet Reno smirking on TV about it didn’t help either.

I can’t explain this to an eight year old. I can’t explain how I tapped into the darkest depths of my soul yesterday, and mustered up all my anger and hatred toward another human being and was glad he paid the ultimate price… despite denying us, the “good” people of society, the satifaction of him suffering and begging that his life be spared. Even angrier that he “got off so easy”.

We killed Timothy McVeigh to prove killing was wrong. For the first time in my life, I grasped that concept…. and *that’s* why I feel so hollow inside.

Well, I could *try* to explain this… but this is what we’re supposed to be shielding our children from.

I don’t want these people in the same world as my children. And I know one day I will no longer be around to protect them.

I know too much… and I’d give anything to see the world through the eyes of an eight year old again.

The Frank Frazetta Connection

Oh Lookie! Your CyberPal has made yet another reference to Illustration God Frank Frazetta.

This one appeared on Sunday’s splash page of the Pocono Record

Jerry Herring of Bloomington, IN, an avid admirer of famed local artist Frank Frazetta, looks at one of his paintings during the grand opening of the Frazetta museum at the family complex in East Stroudsburg Saturday.
Jason Farmer/Pocono Record

Hmmmm… now one may speculate why Your CyberPal (hereafter referred to as “Ye Olde Burnt-Out Designer”) has been sucking up to the Poconos’ other famous resident.

It could be (and this is a really THIN theory) that Pocono Record’s Online Director, Patrick Mullen (hereafter referred to as “Saturday’s Birthday Boy”, or “Ye Young Slave Driver…”), is an avid golfer, and good friends with the owner of Stroudsburg’s Golf World store… none other than Frank Frazetta Jr..

Should said Slave Driver manage to get said Burnt-out Designer to sacrifice two of the three hours a sleep he gets a night to work on some cool specs for the Golf World site… there is a chance that this burnt-out designer can meet said Legendary father.


Kids… this is why Vivarins is not a substitute for sleep….the best I could come up for “Golf World”

Yes… Patrick reads WHUZZUP!. Have I mentioned what a cool boss he is? :0)

(Originally supposed to be posted on Sunday, but my site was down most of the weekend due to server upgrades)

P.S. Kare is back… YAY! (via Jon Sullivan, can ya believe it????)


Newz & Gossip


  • Trivial Pursuit 1.0 – Weblog Edition – From the brilliant minds of Erratic and Diz comes this contest… 22 of the cool kids on the web contributed a little known fact about them. You match the name with the quote. 

    The winner with the closest answer gets a $22 gift certificate for Amazon.Com.
    (I am *DYING* to find out who was “Cuffed & Stuffed in front of TV cameras”)

  • Alan “The Head Lemur” Herrell Reviews Zeldman’s “Taking Your Talent To The Web”
  • Randy did it. Redgie did it…My Inner Rock Star is…. ERIC BROOKS Aaaaallllright!!!!

    Barry GibbPhoto courtesy of Corbis.ComAlright…. I confess:
    It wasn’t going to tell me that it’s my life-long idol Barry Gibb …so what the hell was the Point???

  • Programmer for Hire MetaFilter Guru, Matt Haughey is looking for work in the Bay Area. Man, if he can design a universal program for the Ottaway Paper sites, I’d recommend him in a heartbeat! We’re all currently looking at a new program that will convert Quark documents into XML… the possibilies would be endless.
  • Kare is coming back with a new site… I’ll keep you posted….
  • I am seriously out of server space! (That’s why the Search Engine is FUBAR) A recent business proposition may lead me to make a serious move… details to follow.

Some Sunday thoughts…

First of all, let me be the first to shout out how much I love Amber. A lot of people have a hard time with hearing the truth. Much less, in an “In-our-face-pull-no-punches” style. Certain hateful people decided to go on a “morality-kick” and we were all suddenly expected to be held to some ridiculous standard like we’re public officials or something.

Her reaction was the same as mine. “So what?”.
Game. Set. Match. End of conversation. The only true way to squelch a controversy.

We had a long talk this week about “being in each other’s corner”. Deep down inside, she has a heart of gold, and despite being burned will still go out of her way for a friend. She doesn’t have to spew bile and hatred to get attention, then play martyr, then have to convince people “I’m not really like this… I’m a nice person if you get to know me.”

Amber’s the real deal…. and I couldn’t think of a better person in my corner.

Same with John, BWG, Jim, Al, Matt, and Jon.

There’s more. There’s lots more… but these are people stuck in between camps, that the price of speaking out against this small (but loud) minority is too much to pay. I know, and I still love you.

Randall Van der woning (aka “The Big White Guy”) was Debbie’s biggest victim. As I stated in my newsletter last night, he lost his mom to cancer as a child, then his dad to cancer at the time he met “Kaycee”. If anyone should want Debbie’s head on a stick, it should be him. On top if being victimized, he then became a suspect in a massive conspiracy (hell, I’m ashamed to admit I even had my doubts)… all for being good-natured, caring and trusting. But you won’t find him in the middle of *another* group of hatemongers. Their agenda is to have their names plastered on every newspaper and television set. The same people that told you “don’t believe anything until you check it out” will slap you down, put words in your mouth, and discredit you if you dare question them, or get in their way.

The truth is out…
Now he wants to just get on with his life.
Just like so many other people that were sucked into the lies
There’s a lesson to be learned there.

Count me in BWG’s corner.

(Yeah, I still think Debbie’s a hell of a writer, but that’s beside the point.)

Jon saw I was about to be massacred by said hate group above. He gave me a back door to get the hell out of there… and I took it.

But Jon also has me pegged. He knows I can play a crowd like a stradivarius. Know when to be a loud mouth, know when to scream for attention, be a hero, be an asshole, and play martyr to stop people dead in their tracks. I know what I’m doing. You only make me more powerful when you attack me publicly.

Jon would also like me to lay off the caffeine pills, and mellow out. :0)

When I redid the archives here, I relived times that were the most painful periods in my life… marked in between harsh remarks, “blog wars”, answering people back, heated debates…

Was it Karma? Totally unrelated? Or should I have had a better grasp controlling real-life events rather than escaping into the internet?

Who knows… but I’m really tired of it right now. There’s enough hate. I want to be a more “positive” force on the web now.

I’m blessed by a great core of friends. Friends that will back me whether I’m right or wrong. They’d prefer “right” a little more, but…

I can’t make any promises. Like Tiffany said (before *she* was temporarily run off the web by the “web nasties”): “It just wouldn’t be me.”

In conclusion:

  • You are judged by the friends you keep.
  • You are fooling no one. Your hatred and inner-ugliness will one day consume you.
  • You have *NO LIFE* whatsoever, if you actually sat down and read this all in one sitting.


Hey did you get an email that said

Possible Virus – Check Your C: Drive“?

  • Did you follow the instructions?
  • Did you search for sulfnbk.exe?
  • Did you delete this file?

Congratulations. You’re an idiot.

Sulfnbk.exe was put in Windows98 to restore long filenames. It’s a hoax.
And you just deleted this file because one of your AOL “Forwarding friends” told you to.

For more information on this hoax, check out Antivirus.About.Com.

About ten of these emails have hit my inbox… and counting.

Y2k Revisited….

Y2K Mike
The web looks like it can use a laugh right about now.

Remember what you were doing during Y2K?

  • Making sure you weren’t in an elevator or on a train?
  • Waiting for the Russian missiles to blow us to kingdom come?
  • Holding your breath when the clock struck midnight?
  • Not reading my Newsletter when I TOLD you nothing was going to happen????Well, I was running a series called “Y2K Mike” at the time. It started on New Year’s Day, and quite frankly the world was pretty sick of words like “Y2K” and “Millennium”, so I canned it and never finished it.

    Since we all like to get roped into tales of hardship that may/may not have happened… here is the harrowing tale of a survivalist and his wife being trapped in their Y2K shelter for nine horrible days, while his redneck buddies let them think the United States was destroyed (laughing their asses off above ground).

    A hoax you say?
    Please don’t insult me.
    I assure you the story of Y2K Mike is quite real*, and all the cynics can go to hell.

    *In light of this article, maybe I better flat-out say it’s a PARODY. Penned in January 2000, with a new shock ending rewritten last night, which you may find pretty amusing…

    …or not.

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