Pardon my WHAT????

So, let me get this straight…

Internet Explorer 5* has basically been out for a year now, and you still didn’t make an icon for when your site is bookmarked????

How: Take a square .GIF image, and shrink to 16×16 pixels. Re-enlarge to 32×32.

Use a file converting tool like Irfanview, and save as “favicon.ico”. It’ll look blurry at the standard icon size, but IE5 will re-shrink it, and it’ll look great!

Implementation: Well, if you’re using only one favicon.ico for your domain, just upload into your main (public_html) folder.

Various Icons I use at this  site.

To use several (like I do) insert this into the <HEAD> of your document:

* This doesn’t work with Netscape Navigator… sorry!

(But then again, what *DOES* work in Netscape???)

Weekend Surfing Picks….

  • Jessica Brooks.Com– Like she said in my guest book, being an egomaniac must run in the name “Brooks”. :0) Lots of fun stuff all over her site. Oh and Jessica? Definitely redhead! (We’re not related, so I can flirt with her…)
  • Webbie World – Another great work by Mark Connell. Tons and tons of great sites. (My personal fave is the current #2 People’s pick.)
  • – Dammit put down that Metallica MP3!!!! You know it’s illegal (unless you’re doing it to piss them off… uh, well then, KEWL! heh heh…::turning against their fans like that, grumble, grumble:::)Well, I kinda cheated on this link, it goes directly to my buddy’s band, “Deadwood” you can vote for them (hint hint) to be “Download of the Week”… check out their MP3’s and then check out the rest of the site. Another great venue for indie bands to get noticed.
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