Parenting for dummies…

We interrupt our latest obsession with macro codes and visual basic programming to bring the following tip for people who have no business reproducing….

“Milton, Fla., police Detective Mike Daughtery told the Associated Press the dying boy said Hoffman and his mother kept him mostly in one room, beat him every day, only fed him scraps and didn’t let him out of the house to go to school or see friends…”

When you feed your child, love them and care for them…. they live.

When you starve them for five months, beat them repeatedly and ship them on a bus across the country, where strangers take them in, as they’re described as “looking like a holocaust victim”… well, they tend to die.

Any questions?

A little local news to bring some pride to my adopted Police Statehometown.
*sigh* :0(

7 thoughts on “Parenting for dummies…

  1. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all over… and sometimes worse.
    I once met a woman in this area that told me that she was adopted because her parents went to prison for starving, imprisoning, and neglecting she & her siblings, some of which didn’t survive the ordeal. I think this happened in the 70s or 80s somewhere in Luzerne or Lackawanna County. I only know what this woman told me about it, which, wasn’t much, because I didn’t press the issue. But it seemed as if what her parents did was visiting upon her… ie: that she was treated suspect in certain areas of her life because of it.

  2. this is a travesty. The case in the 80’s I believe was the Jodzewicz case which was equally horrifying. Happened in Mt. Top , Pa. the father only tortured one little boy who was so weak at the end……the “father” acutally monster man tied the child’s head up with a sock and stapled the sock to a cabinet.
    there were teachers who would bathe these kids every morning and change the kid’s clothes; then redress them in the rags to go home after school . Where was C&Y then?? Bastards. The little boy died a horrible death.

    I would like to know where the freak the neighbors brains were in this latest case. Up their asses or what??? this is a travesty. I am also wondering if this poor child was mentally retarded or was slow due to emotional and physical abuse along with starvation …… he was 18 and should have called the police himself if he was able. this reminds me of the “boy name it” book which I was going to buy… but read about 2 pages and was so overwhelmed and scared I could not read it.
    we had situation here and we kept on eye on this kid; just like hawks. As is typical there was a “live in ” boyfriend.

  3. Much shame to my home state of Florida. Milton is a backwoods redneck town full of inbred….. stop me please….. shit!!! Things like this break my heart so badly!!! :o(

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