Peace on Earth, Good will to all

Have yourself a Randi little ChristmasAs much as I’d love to go to everyone’s site and leave a comment… I know I won’t have the time.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.

Contrary to the latest rubbish by Bill “Phone Sex” O’Reilly…. Christmas is not under attack by anyone. I can name plenty of atheists and non-Christians on the right as I can on the left… so please take your self-imagined persecution and go and ruin someone else’s holiday, ok?

Christmas is in my heart… not on some nativity scene in my neighbor’s lawn or in front of a courthouse.

It’s not about how much is under your tree.
It’s not about how many cards you get.
It’s not about politics.

It’s about love, charity, good cheer and togetherness.
It supercedes all religions and all races.
It’s about giving and caring for those less fortunate than me.
It’s about magic and children’s faces lighting up with surprise and joy.

It’s about Peace on Earth… Good will to all.
And it’s all good.

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