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More quiz fun from the Queen of Weblogs:

Life as an INTP
(Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver)

People of this type tend to be: quiet, independent, and private; logical and unemotional; creative, ingenious, and innovative, global thinkers; curious and driven to increase their competence; casual, and adaptive; nonconforming and unpredictable.

The most important thing to INTPs is their privacy and the opportunity to solve complex problems in unique ways.

Well, yeah… but what about my blackouts, memory loss, fluctuating weight, hair loss, and the fact that I suck at math, and everyone hates me???? Hey it’s the Meyer-Briggs test, based on the work of Carl Jung (who would probably say I designed this site to look like a penis on purpose!) take it with a grain of air…

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