Phoenix: Reborn

While it’s been powering my site for over three years now, I’ve mostly used the PHP/Myadmin in the back to make updates (making a front end interface seems even harder than the original scripting.)

But well…

Phoenix Content Management System

TAAAA DAAAA! All done up in purple, royal blue and silver, it’s making my life so much easier. It even has a “Smart Installer” that does all the work for you (for a few modules so far).

After long thought I’ve decided to keep it proprietary and for select friends and clients only. Who needs the hassle of offering strangers support and upgrades? Besides and it’s so much easier for me to make custom jobs without worrying about hacker exploits after it’s open source.

Much gratitude to Master Programmer Kyle DeFranco for helping me with a few problems with my login section today. 😀
But hey, you want a political site, showcase, online store or real estate site made by me?

Talk to me…. 😉

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