HELP! Contribute to the Nurse Ran tuition fund

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OK, this is a first
As some of you may or may not know, my ‘daughter’, my best friend, my roomie, has been going to school to become a nurse.
She has been doing so well, I’m so proud of her!! She only has one semester left until she graduates.
The problem is, according to their website she was supposed to get her financial aid…come to find out, she’s already used her max allotment during the fall and spring terms. And the money for her summer term is due on the 8th

She’s a little short on making her tuition or else she wont graduate… and she’s THIS close!

So we’re asking for a little help from you guys to contribute anything you can to the “Nurse Ran Tuition Fund” set up at PayPal.

~T~ and I go back years. She hosts 75% of my sites. She’s my partner at Problem Adults. This is totally legit, and knowing her and her pride… this is a DIRE situation. Cuz she’d NEVER ask for help otherwise.

A lot of good people have pitched in so far, they’re getting close to the goal… and every dollar counts. Wont you please help a young, struggling single mom become a nurse?

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