Please stand by…

Yes. She's sucking on a thumb... so?

We’re experiencing a few, uhm, technical difficulties.
I thought I came up with a foolproof formula for fairness, rather than elect people I don’t know or can’t trust… I didn’t want to rip off BobtheCorgi’s concept of a “Panel of Judge”.

So I employed four of my alternate personalities for the job.
The site has hit its first SCANDAL… it’s been tainted by idiots.
It was supposed to be a simple, well… I, I..

Here… Look:

I'm surrounded by RETARDS!

I don’t know what to do here, scrap these categories, scrap the awards, dim the lights and do shadow puppets explaining the concept of C-R-I-T-E-R-I-A?

Bear with me gang, I need a little more time.
And it’s not because everyone is beating me in that first category either.


**// UPDATE: Michele has withdrawn FROM the “Best blog by a Norwegian guy who everyone thinks is photoshopped.” category.

This is becoming a nightmare!!!!!

(That’s ok, toots… Wil Wheaton was beating you anyway. Afraid of a widdle competiiiiiiitiiiiiion?)

20 thoughts on “Please stand by…

  1. I didn’t know about this until I seen Phil winning a pickle award for his site.Then I knew it was that time again.I can’t believe someone would give him an award.Anyway,good luck !

  2. I’m thinking Wil is a secret enjoyer of good humored teasing like this, somehow. At least he has a sense of humor. Well, in theory.

    Meanwhile I vote for shadow puppets – only because I want to see how you’ll pull that off in a blog!

  3. One of these clowns is fucking around with the results… and pissing me off!
    (I have no proof, but a pretty good idea which one it is!)

    So is she licking the golden thumb there?
    EEEEW! OMG, I think she is!!! Well, between you and me… knowing her, Boffo the clown and Rik Havyk, I kinda recommend any winners may want to consider WASHING their award off before taking them home.

    There may or may not be other pictures of it’s uses, but this IS a family oriented site, you know.

  4. OMG! What about a warning before you post hilarious dangerous content!? You made me spill a whole damn coffee here, yes you even made me spray coffee all over the screen, coffee is still dripping out my nose as I write.

    “Does the award come with batteries?”

    Isn’t the finger a little bit small to use for whatever?

  5. Hmm, maybe the finger is fine for something, so I withdraw my question, cause I was thinking like a photoshopped gay when I wrote it.

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