Poconos going hi tech???

Some of the big news going on here during the Year of the Phoenix.
Just came back from a technology conference at Stroudsmoor. Bob Bennett, of Secure Managed Solutions is bringing a high speed data center and digital pipeline into the Poconos. One of the advantages we have is we are in between New York City and Philadelphia, and we can serve as a gateway. We’re also on a different power grid than New York, so it makes perfect sense to make our move here in post-9/11 America.

What will this possibly mean?
* Local businesses being on the ground floor of state-of-the-art technology and websites.
* Satellite offices set up here (Read: Jobs in our area instead of commuting)
* A “Vault” containing any relevant data. Imagine if you’re in Europe and you lose your wallet and passport? You can retrieve your info anywhere on the planet.
* Grants and tax incentives to set up businesses here (Read: Jobs in our area instead of commuting… uhm, again)
* WiFi, teleconferencing and all sorts of other gadgetry will play an integral part of how business will be done.

One of the things that have long-irked me is the low standards set here. The attitude of “Well, it’s the Poconos, what do you expect?” will no longer apply. There’s no reason why “New York Standards” shouldn’t be the standards of businesses everywhere.

ESPECIALLY in the Poconos.

State Rep. Mario Scavello was there, as was John Siptroth, candidate for Kelly Lewis’ old spot.

Winner of the “Most under-dressed jerk at a business seminar” award? ME!!!!!

All the movers and shakers out here in the fields of technology and advertising were here, including my good friend Jon Hom, who has turned Digital Zone into quite a formidable powerhouse since last we spoke five years ago. Also presenting was Creative Arts Recording Labs and Secure Managed Solutions.

I have allied myself with a few power brokers out here, and projects include forming a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to bringing people together and establishing hi-tech jobs to the Poconos, and a ThinkTank connecting businesses into the new PowerLine.

I’ve seen the future, baby…. and it is now.

6 thoughts on “Poconos going hi tech???

  1. Sounds almost like what’s happening to Rhode Island., and specifically the Providence area…it’s definitely been good for the state, and has brought them a ton of jobs (ie: no one has to commute to Mass…)

  2. Eric,

    Glad to hear the old home town is moving into the 21st century. Hope all is well. Miss you man. Drop me a line sometime.


  3. Ok, so they are bring this facility to the Pocono’s, where are they going to put it? And though the Pocono’s is on a different power grid, I hope they have good plans for back up power generation. The other thing is that you mention a digital pipeline as in singular, not very good for a DC, it should be multi-homed, otherwise its not worth much to most big businesses.

  4. Ok, I must post an additional comment because I just went and looked at there website, I see that they are not the typical DC that I am thinking of, being a host I immediately thought of the DC that houses lots of servers for people to host there websites, this is not what these guys are going to be bringing, they are going to be bringing fixed wireless internet service from reading there website, that is what they do.
    Now some additional information, we at DevilishHosting.com would at some point in the near future bring a multi-homed DC to the Pocono’s likely in the Stroudsburg area, one which at minimum will house 1K – 2K servers, provide connections to at least 3 major internet backbone providers. This is the type of DC that the Pocono’s needs, someplace that a business can house its data, get servers for its websites and to run its online business off of.

  5. Just to let everyone know, the building that has the Dollar General in it, located on the 600 Block of Main Street in Stroudsburg is the first building in Monroe County to offer direct FiberOptic Connections to its telants. I know because I was the contracted that buildout the solutions. The whole building is a level1 IDC (Internet Data Center) which hosts one of the areas for-most IT and Financial Services Company, Stellar Financial. The Fiber is provided off of the PP&L Fiber Network which cross connects to Qwest, New Edge Networks and ProLog. All Tier 2 and Tier 1 providers. Over all the fiber network in that building can build out 12 OC-3s if someone wanted to. So its already here people, you just don’t know it. Also another company infact my company is in the final stages of testing fixed and mobile 802.X wireless solutions for the Poconos, mainly East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg. So you will see Hotspots and VoIP wireless phone popping up very soon. With in the next year or so. Keep your eyes out people. This world is changing and if you want to be a part of it you can’t be second.

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