Politics, Post 9/11 style

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I had no intention of entertaining the “propaganda-drama” that aired on ABC. What people like Michelle Malkin and her buddies have failed to mention in their manufactured outrage and screams of “censorship” is that it was riddled with fictional scenes and misinformation… I mean not even a link from them about it.

Dishonesty as usual. (Gee, shock?).

We all would rather watch a good football game anyway.

They’re pissed that the Clintons (unlike most Democrats) wont take any shit from them. They’ve dealt with most of the GOP’s slander and attacks all through Bill’s 8-year presidency and the best they got on him was a blowjob in an investigation that cost the taxpayers millions.

Which brings me to another point…
Rep. Murtha “Disappointed” That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Endorse Troop Withdrawal Plan…

Please tell me they aren’t serious.
Americans aren’t quitters. Cutting and running is for cowards. We’re in Iraq now. It’s our mess and our problem.

Senator Clinton knows that a withdrawal would be a disaster. She also knows a thing or two about standing your ground.

You fail to realize that you’d be back in power if you provided less criticism and more solutions, don’t you?
I have the solution to all of this, do YOU Democrats?

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