Power and Stupidity…

Yes… it is 4:45, and I’m about to go to sleep. (again)

I redid the door and window for poser, and I’ll send them out to everyone who asked tomorrow (or the next day, or…).

It was brought to my attention what I have known all along:
I am a moron.

See the “Subscribe for updates” box on the right? I was getting a complex because no one has signed up recently… fact is the damn thing hasn’t been working since the jump to undisturbed.org.

It works know…
If you signed up before, and haven’t had an update mailed to you in months… well, I lost your address during the move.

Why? Like I said, I’m a moron.

Well, no major news here… well it is major to me.
I registered to vote on the day of the deadline.

It will work like this… if you are an incumbent. I vote you out.
Simple as that.
I suddenly feel some sense of empowerment here. :0)

I think everyone who thinks that it all sucks, should just vote ’em all out and let fresh blood take over… I mean, how much worse can it get? Especially all of the local ones… *THEY’RE* the ones who effect your daily life more than a president or senator.

I know what you’re thinking… “e, that’s horrible…. putting people out of work like that, because you’re disenchanted with society????”

Folks… they’re not “people” okay? They’re politicians. It’s all showbiz. They’ll rape their own mothers and put it on videotape if it means getting your votes. They’re the lowest species on earth. Just below slugs, algae, and casting directors.

Do yourself a favor and boot them all out.
I’m looking forward to having an ex-judge ask me:
“Would you like fries with that, sir?”

hee hee!

4 thoughts on “Power and Stupidity…

  1. You’re right about that, the local ones has most effect on people’s daily life, still the interest for local elections is pretty low compared to the national ones and people don’t care to vote, at least it works that way over here. The local politicans are the ones who later become national ones though so it’s not the same if or for whom you vote.

  2. The local politicans are the ones who later become national ones
    Yeah, I thought about that too. There are some major assholes here with big ambitions… if only I can stop them now, the world will thank me later.

    I think it’s everywhere. Unless it’s a major presidential election, few people care to get out and vote… considering our votes don’t even count with the electoral college process, I don’t understand why that is.

    Also of note, our State Attorney General is running for Governor here in Anarchtica….

    He (Mike Fisher) was the *ONLY* person in the whole damn state that cut my family a break when the shit was hitting the fan two years ago… the man gets my FULL support and respect for that alone. :0)

  3. I don’t have any email woes…. (well, except the fact that I am too loaded up on Tylenol 3’s to stay awake long enough to answer them.) I’ll answer you about the upgrade…

    What I am BLAMING EVERYONE for is the fact that I took Tuesday off and Mike Fisher was at my job!!!!

    Damn you all !!!! Why did you let me take the day off????

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