Pre-Fathers Day Rant (Thanks for nothing, as usual)

Would it kill some of you people out there to wish someone a “Happy Fathers Day”?

In their blog comments? In a post? In an E-Card?

Just once?

I already learned my lesson in the blogopshere, but it still pisses me off. Every May there’s a huge outpouring of love for Mother’s Day. Hell, I dedicated whole weekends with tributes to my friends who are single moms because I know there wont be a guy there to make their day and it’ll just be their little ones saying it to them.

But Father’s Day? It’s like a fucking ghost town on the web.

I wont speak for any other dads on the web… but it hurts me like hell.

And the few female bloggers that are online will simply write about *THEIR* fathers, *THEIR* husbands… or more often than not, the asshole sperm donor that walked out on them and his children, and every male reader of theirs will pay dearly for it.

It’s not totally their fault that that they’re self-absorbed and thoughtless. It’s largely the difference between female and male bloggers. Females write introspective (“How does this relate to me”), and guys write from a broader extrovert view (“This is what happened, and this is what it means”).

Tomorrow it will be more of the same. Women will think of only themselves, and men will not say a word until it’s said to them first. So why bother checking my email or looking at comments? People suck.

So to all my bros out there: HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

To everyone else, thanks for nothing as usual. If someone has to ask you, then your words are meaningless. 🙁

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