Primary Day

Well, while I realize primaries don’t float too many people’s boats… All of Washington has their eyes on PA tonight.

Why? The Senator’s race between incumbent Arlen Specter and challenger Pat Toomey. It’s kind of a weird race, and it’s proven my point all year long that there are “two” Republican parties…

Toomey is the “other” Republican party, the NeoCons.
Specter is a moderate… in other words, MY party.

It’s a test of Conservative (read: NeoCon) strength right now. Though President Bush is endorsing Sen. Specter… they all want Ultra right-winger Toomey to win. (Is Ann Coulter’s fact-free venom enough proof?)

If he’s in, they’ll feel comfortable that Bush is in for a win in November, as the public is still riding high on the “NeoCon patriotism train”.

Toomey has been flinging all the Winger “talking points” (“liberal”, “unpatriotic”, “soft on terrorism”, etc.) at Specter through the whole campaign, and it’s a wonder why he hasn’t flung how Specter told President Clinton not to “focus too much on Osama bin Laden” at him back when Clinton was trying to kill bin Laden and all the Republicans were accusing him of “impressing his mistress (Monica)”.

Oh right, that would burst the “Clinton Fallacy” and give the public the impression that someone besides a Republican President can do anything against Terrorism.

We can’t have that, can we?

It’s a shame… he’d cream Specter with that little tidbit.

Another race is the local GOP Chairperson. Incumbent Linda Womer vs challenger Helen Diecidue.

A big issue was Linda not backing Republican candidate Mark Pazuhanich and going with write-in candidate Art Zulick in the f**ked up judge’s race last November.

And we all know what happened to happened to poor Judge Mark after the election, don’t we?

Question is… the election was LONG BEFORE Pazuhanich’s accusation of child molestation hit. So, could it be that a great many Republicans wouldn’t support him for OTHER reasons? Something WE know that the rest of the public don’t?

Well, the whole thing has given me a great deal of respect for Ms. Womer. That took guts and a lot of integrity. It’s also restored a little bit of faith back in the Republican party with me (upgraded FROM “utter contempt”).

I don’t vote along party lines, I believe in the best person for the job. While I basically think along conservative lines more than liberal… some people are just WAAAAY too extreme for my comfort.

I wish Ms. Womer the best of luck tonight.
And well, I may find Senator Specter’s actions in 1998 almost unforgivable… I can’t help but see the site his people made for Toomey and laugh my ass off.

Nonetheless… Toomey AND Specter can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

UPDATE 12:06AM 04/28: Linda Womer loses to Diecidue.

Specter with a slim lead over Toomey (Source: PoliticsPA), of course today’s turnout was also pathetic. What happened to all those “flag waving patriots” that were chanting “vote or I’ll kick your ass” two years ago?

If the NeoCons have lost so much steam in April… what will they be like in November?

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