Pro-Lifers not told what to think of "Morning After Pills" yet?

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False Pregnancy – Who really wants to debate the morning-after pill?

“Why the silence? Because from a strategic standpoint, it’s a stinker of an issue for pro-lifers. In recent years, they’ve gained the upper hand by focusing relentlessly on late-term fetuses that look like babies.”

I love it!
Abortion can be argued to a certain degree because a life is involved. The Pro-Life crowd hasn’t figured out how to argue about “Morning After Pills” yet without looking like they’re trying to meddle in someone’s life. (Which we all know they are!)

I wish my life was as uncomplicated as those that have all the time in the world to concern themselves with other people’s sex lives… don’t you?

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3 replies on “Pro-Lifers not told what to think of "Morning After Pills" yet?”

  1. Of course you know that some religions refuse to let anything stand in the way of successful reproduction, no matter what the cost. I think they just elected a new leader about a week or so ago. Now what was their name again……?

  2. I can see it now… a pro-lifer standing outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic, holding up a picket sign with a photo of sperm on it… “Please Mommy, don’t kill me”, says the caption. Not quite as moving, eh?

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