Problem Adults withdrawal?

Hey all….

Yes the site is still down. The hell if I know why, and ~T~ can’t tell us anything because the hosting company isn’t telling ~T~ anything. (So take that site, multiply it by the number of all her clients… and now you know why that poor woman is close to having a nervous breakdown right now).

So, I guess it’ll be back when it’ll be back. I have a kid in the hospital right now, busy shuffling other kids back & forth and trying to keep a brand new job I just started… so frankly, I’m sort of enjoying the hiatus. I also know this kind of stuff happens with new servers, so we all can give them a little more patience and understanding as I’m sure they’re doing all they can… some sites have ALREADY returned, so that’s a good sign.

But one thing I do want to make clear… WE WILL BE BACK. I didn’t pull the site because I quit.

Believe me, when I’ve had enough of the place, I’ll just leave quietly. Too many people have invested a lot of time, money, work and energy into the clubhouse for me to do something that unfair to them. You’re paying for the hosting, all the games, and all the modules… It belongs to YOU.

I’ll mass-email all the members when it’s back… no need to keep driving yourself nuts by checking.

See you soon…
-= The Boss =-

Update 3/25/06: As of 6:30 AM…. we’re BAAAAAAAAAACK!

Three cheers for the Mighty ~T~!!!!

3 thoughts on “Problem Adults withdrawal?

  1. I’m on Methodone until I can get my PA fix again! I feel like a junkie!
    Will the G-ds stop playing with us!!!!!!?????

  2. I think I had that breakdown about 3 days ago…
    I went ahead and turned the boards back on, sent an email (you should have it) and crawled out from under the rock I placed myself under to escape!

    I think you and I need to get together for a drink after this one….
    hope the kiddo is doing better!

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