Proper Care and Hygiene for Your Dongle

DISCLAIMER: If this post should go awry, I would kindly ask you to direct any complaints toward Batgrl, as she brought this topic up in the previous posts comments. Yes, *that* Batgrl. The one who brought you the topic of Slug Sex. Apparently she is back to her old playful, nefarious self again.

Can we take on a serious topic, here? You know, about that part that no one seems comfortable talking about openly? I mean, let’s be honest here. Most of us either have one or desperately need one right about now.

I am talking about…




That seemingly useless piece attached to the back of your scanner, yet your scanner doesn’t work without it.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Why is everyone so ashamed of their dongle? Sure we’d probably like a bigger dongle, I mean who wouldn’t?

You read blog entries about a new monitor, digital camera, or a web cam, but nothing like:

“His brown eyes, sparkling in the candlelight, told me it was time. We put down our wine glasses, and I took his dongle into my hands and gently guided it into my port… where I couldn’t help but squeal in delight how it was a perfect and tight fit as it slid all the way inside….”


“Damn, man…. I was trying to jam my dongle in that tight little usb last night. But I had it in the wrong holes, so it was so freakin’ big I busted a few pins in it, an’ shit.”

Our dongles are a very natural and important part of our computer setups. We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it.

(And I didn’t mention Pecan Pie ONCE in this entire post!)

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