Prowess Test

(I sure hope you’re not reading this at work with your boss looking over your shoulder!) 🙂

Take the quiz: “If we fucked would I like it?”

Meh… you were alright… but I’ve had better
Well… we’d fuck… it would probally be over before it even started… kinky but not too kinky huh? Oh well… we’d fuck… maybe it would happen again if I was really drunk and thats about it… it wasn’t good and it wasnt bad… something to pass the time I guess

Gee like I never heard THAT before! 😛

Hold on, hold on… before you walk away laughing like the time I explained my getting out of a pool with cold water, let me redeem myself by showing the 4 possible results:

* If we fucked… we would never stop fucking (You scored 3)
* Meh… you were alright… but I’ve had better (You scored 4)
* I’d scream, you’d cum, and it would be over (You scored 2)
* I’d look at you and laugh, then walk away (You scored 1)

So maybe I’m not Ron Jeremy, but I was probably *this* close to studhood. I guess she didn’t like the “Police” fantasy as much as I was led to believe. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Prowess Test

  1. I got the impression she’s a bit into stuff that I just don’t get – it may have been the mention of blood, several mentions in fact.

  2. Yeah, the author of this test is obviously a little.. uhm, twisted. Plus all the spelling errors read like a fucked-up teen. She had another test: “Are you a Cannibal, Necrophiliac or Rapist?”

    I don’t think a normal person would want to publicly post their results either way. 🙂

  3. Blood is definitely not on. No relations to Dracula at all.

    Hope you managed to get some on the weekend dude! Or anytime for that matter 😉

  4. “Hope you managed to get some on the weekend dude! Or anytime for that matter 😉 “

    Nah. I gave up sex for Lent some time ago.
    Only problem is, I left the Catholic Church a few years ago and never found out then Lent ENDS!!!

  5. Totally off topic comment here. I normally have my volume turned way down or off and never noticed the sound effects before now. Cool (is it still cool to say cool?) idea!

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