R U 1337? Ph34r /\/\3!!!!

A great article on “Leet Speak” on MSN.

While a lot of it is self-explanitory, this will give you a fairly comprehensive guide, so you don’t have to wing it and be a PhuXing P0z0r NE-mor3.

– gOdOfMiScHiEf –

P.S. Y3r kid haz pr0n and w4r3z stashed on y0ur hard drive… l8r!

3 thoughts on “R U 1337? Ph34r /\/\3!!!!

  1. That was an interesting article…I know I use some of those LEET slangs! “KEWL” and “NEWBIE”…I picked them up from various chatrooms and forums…

    Although, I ain’t know bout some of those words…is true bout LEET bein an ELITE form of communicating on the net…I view it as a TEEN or YOUNG TEEN thing…but I use some too and am not a TEEN…*LOL*

    Kewl stuff…

  2. Well…that explains a lot…although, I thought “kewl” had gone out of fashion…*shrug*

    I will say though, this stuff drives me nuts sometimes…but that’s just the writer in me…

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