Reasons for Christmas, FREE Hanukkah & XMas E-Cards… and STILL no damn newsletter.

Oh man… another season flying by this year. It seems like only yesterday that the Christmas Season started in September… where does the time go?

I’m going to try and squeeze a newsletter out before Christmas… but no promises.

Free Hannukah and Christmas E-Cards here… I’ll probably be making them Flash next year.

Photos FROM Dec 11th’s Reasons for Christmas live show are up on their site. I have to add a new review FROM the L.A. Times and I believe we’re going to wrap it up over there for now. Plans are being made for it next year to not only raise money for Pocono Area Transitional Housing… but it will be re-packaged with a new INSERT and raise money for a Pentagon Memorial for the victims of Sept. 11th.

A few people have asked here how well the sales went. I know the goal was to raise $300,000. I have no idea how close they got, but I know some major companies kicked in FROM the community:

  • East Stroudsburg Savings Association not only fronted the money for all production costs, but bought a copy for each employee and sold them at every bank branch.
  • The PA SKI Association bought a copy for each member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
  • Aventis Pasteur footed the bill for the live show.

For those who have been too polite to ask where the copy of Reasons for Christmas that you won back in November. Please don’t take it out on your mailman… the embarrassing truth is, I haven’t been able to mail them out yet. I’m really sorry, and your gift will be coming to you later than expected.

Which brings me to the rest of the post…
I need to take up something with someone privately, so I ask that unless you’re a jolly dude dressed in red, or one of his helpers this is the end of the line for you guys. (Which I realize is a dumb thing to say considering I’m asking for privacy on a web page… but it’s something I need to get off my chest and will probably DELETE afterwards or I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.)

Dear Santa:

[Special request to Santa wuz here. I’m sure he’s seen it wherever he is. Besides, it was embarrassing to leave it up.]

Your CyberPal,

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