Reasons for Christmas LIVE – Thursday, Dec. 11th


We all have a song or two that tells us the holidays are upon us. There’s one song that triggers it for me: “The Christmas Song”, by Nat King Cole.

And I heard it today, at lunch with Jon Jorgenson.

Merry Christmas! PAR-TAY!

Anyway, I hope to see a bunch of old friends, make new ones, and place faces with names I’ve worked with all these months at the:

Live SHOW December 11th at the Hillside Inn, Marshall’s Creek, PA.

Nice write-up today at The Pocono Record: “Famous names among local musicians will stage ‘Reasons for Christmas’ SHOW Thursday, to benefit charity

It will also be Bob Dorough’s 80th birthday the next day. Please join me as I plan to annoy him by singing “VERB: That’s what’s happening!” over and over and over…

And over.
It’s one of my favorites, you know.

” ‘The response to the CD has been amazing,’ said Jonathan Jorgenson, deputy chief of staff for state Rep. Kelly Lewis, R-189. Lewis is a co-founder of the project. ‘People across the nation and the world have purchased the CD.’…”

Alriiiiight….. you go Jon!


There will be much political & celebrity hobknobbing, food, drink, music, and gossip to be had Thursday… can’t wait! Maybe some of you tri-state folks can make it?

Just me getting ripped, and screaming “Fiiive, ten, fifteen twen-tay…” all through Bob’s set (or until security tosses me out, whichever comes first) should make the trip worth it for you. :0)

3 thoughts on “Reasons for Christmas LIVE – Thursday, Dec. 11th

  1. Thanks, but…
    all I did was slap a few web pages together. All those sales & promotion in largely due to Jon working in overdrive.
    (He should have a raise. Without our taxes going up, of course.)

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