Reasons for Christmas Project CD on sale now

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trfcp468x60.gifPosting will be few and far between for a while. I’m going to skip sending out a WHUZZUPDATE! this month and shoot for an all-out holiday spectacular in December: Featuring strippers, booze and Bible study…. YEAH!

Quick reminder: Sales of the CD goes to help PATH (Pocono Area Transitional Housing), a non-profit organization which helps homeless families with children find a place to live, provides temporary shelter, and gets them back on their feet again.

The Reasons for Christmas Project - Various Artists $14.00

If you’re going to do one good deed for the holidays, please consider them. You can also donate a dollar or two at their site via PayPal, and every little bit helps. THANKS!

Live SHOW December 11th at the Hillside Inn, Marshall’s Creek, PA.
Come for the music, meet celebrities… or even an opportunity to put a cap in my ass. (I’ll be the scary-looking guy talking to himself with an Enemy of the State sniper cap on. Ya can’t miss me.)

Be there, or… well, you’re a jerk.

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