Reasons for Christmas II

The Reasons for Christmas Project
The Secret Society of Happy People – Now THERE’S a GROUP just asking for persecution, donchathink?

Nah. It’s all good (as sick and twisted as it seems to me). I say more power to ’em. Better than spending the holidays with a bunch of depressed shmucks spreading doom & gloom, that’s for sure.

Like Billy Joel sings: “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints”.

Tonight’s the Reasons for Christmas II concert at the Hillside Inn (You’re coming, right? You regetted missing all the fun last year).

As my first day as a freelance graphic artist, tonight’s ORDER of business is… well, business.

All the movers and shakers of the Poconos will be there, and I just whipped up a batch of business cards to pass out.

I just hope all the performers at the concert will have the decency to keep the music down while I and said movers & shakers talk bidness. 🙂

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