Remember Afghanistan?

Taliban Say Attack Shows They Can Strike at Will
KABUL (Reuters) – A rocket attack aimed at Kabul’s international airport showed the Taliban have the ability to target anywhere in Afghanistan, the GROUP said on Friday, warning the Americans the country would become their “burial ground.”

Hmmmm… where have heard that before. Comical Ali in Iraq?

“Although the four rockets fell well short or wide of their target, Mullah Dadullah Akhund — the Taliban’s military commander and a member of its 10-member ruling council — said U.S.-led forces in the country were pinned down in their bases. ”

Somehow this “deadly” attack didn’t seem to hurt anyone or anything.
OOH the Coalition Forces must be soooooo scared!!!!

In all fairness to President Bush, he has done two things in office which I approved. One was the “Roadmap to Peace” (Which was actually brilliant. Too bad Arafat and Sharon didn’t want to play), and the other was to send troops INTO Afghanistan to kick the Talibastard’s asses for hiding and harboring Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Not enough for me to say he deserves re-election, but hey… I like to give credit where credit is due.

Now to those who have wrongly labeled me and others like me as “Anti-War”, I have to ask:

  • If we were going to bring Democracy INTO the Middle East, why not start with a firm commitment to Afghanistan? We had (and still have) the world’s support for going there. It’s been a shithole since the Soviets occupied it in the late 70’s. And we promised the Northern Alliance back in 2001 we weren’t going to do a “hit & run” again.
  • 18,000 troops in Afghanistan and 250,000 troops in Iraq. What’s wrong with that picture?
  • Ted Rall is an asshole for his ridicule of Pat Tillman’s death and calling soldiers in Afghanistan a “tool”. (Not really a question. Just something that needed to be repeated.).
  • If the “NEW” rationale (excuse) for invading Iraq was to “Fight terrorists over there than over here in the U.S.”… why not have their cowardly asses hide in caves the same way we had Al-Qaeda and the Taliban on the run?

On the eve of the anniversary of September 11th, is it terribly un-American of me to ask we finish what we started in Afghanistan and crush these shit-talking Talibastards once and for all? It’s like they have Attention Deficit Disorder or something over at the Pentagon.

There’s nothing wrong with Al-Sadr’s gang in Iraq that can’t be cured with a few nukes.

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