Resignations (part two)

State Representative Kelly Lewis has resigned on Monday.
This is bad news for my area… as he has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to the Poconos.

Actually, come to think of it… this totally SUCKS!
We’re all shocked and devastated.

And the opposition says…

Bernie Kennedy, head of the Monroe County Democratic Party, called Lewis’ resignation “a great thing for the people of Monroe County.”He said he never saw the 70 percent reduction in taxes that he said Lewis promised when elected.

State Senate Democratic Leader Robert Mellow described Lewis’ career as a state representative as “big on promises and little on accomplishments.”

Little on accomplishments???
Bernie? Bob? Here’s a quarter. Please buy a clue.

Gee, let’s see what I can come up with off the top of my head…

  • After 9/11, he sought out constituents whose families were missing FROM the towers, and shopped for them, freed up funds, and befriended them. Most notably Pat Flounders, who eventually decided life without her husband wasn’t worth living.
  • After a series of fatal accidents involving tractor trailers tipping over on passing cars, he formed the Safe-80 task force and an infrastructure for state agencies to communicate (which is now a model across the country)… and we haven’t had a similar fatality since.
  • Assembled local jazz legends to put together The Reasons for Christmas Project, and rallied corporate sponsors to help fund an organization to help the homeless
  • Has a government contract in place last month for the Marshalls Creek bypass… now it’s becoming a reality
  • The Technology bill and dropping the wireless tax which, if you ever tried to use a cell phone here in Bushkill… you know we need it.
  • Raised funds for a skateboard park for the kids in our area and get them off the streets
  • Has rerouted the Hotel Tax to bring millions to Mountain Laurel Arts Center and give them a new lease on life
  • See? THIS is why the Democrats are losing ground and continue to do so. They zig, when they should have zagged.

    The correct answer toward the news of a very popular and well-loved elected official SHOULD have been “We regret the loss of such a great man, and in the elections we will bring the people a candidate capable of filling Kelly Lewis’ shoes.”

    But you didn’t did you? You decided sour grapes, trying to use his recent separation as an issue, and trying to re-write history was the way to go. You lost me, no matter who you choose now.

    It’s bears mention that a man is only as good as his staff. We’re looking for stability and many of his projects to continue. His staff was a large part of this, has all the contacts, and know where to pick up where he left off.

    If the Republican party here has half a brain, they will throw someone FROM his staff INTO the ring for their ex-boss’ spot. Any one of them will have the dedication and the “know how” to keep “getting the job done.” How about my buddy and his right-hand man, Jonathan Jorgenson, for example?

    I’d run for State Representative, but everyone hates me.

    It’s gonna be ok, Pocono folks.
    If anyone needs me, I’ll be somewhere on the floor curling INTO a fetal position until then.

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