Saddam offers “soul” to Arabs

(My initial thought when reading that headline was “he has a soul”???)

Saddam says he’d offer his life for Arab cause
In letter, ex-dictator would sacrifice “soul, very existence” to end occupation

AMMAN – Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has said in a letter he would sacrifice himself for Arab nationalism and to end foreign occupation.

He’s kidding, right? This is the same guy that talked his head off right up until the Iraq War… then went into hiding until soldiers pulled him up from a spider hole six months later looking like a derelict??!!?

I mean, look… my views on the Iraq War aside, this guy is a douchebag.

Yeah, we armed him to fight Iran. We installed the Baath party in the 60’s and he’s been on the CIA payroll ever since, and he was “our” douchebag.

But he’s still a douchebag.

He has long praised Palestinian militants waging suicide attacks against Israeli targets.

See what I mean?

I would have preferred a CIA Op putting a bullet in his skull (and his crazy ass sons) rather than launch an illegal war… but either way, I find it hard to feel sorry for this guy.


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