Screw you guys… I’m going home.

Ok… here’s the deal.

As of a few minutes ago I have officially been up for 42 hours.
I’ve been having a fight in the previous comments, as MT keeps calling me “a retard” (shut up.)

Lisa has ordered me to step away slowly from the computer and go to bed, and promises that I can finish fixing this site tomorrow, and it still will be here when/if I wake up.

Best wishes and a quick recovery to Faith, who was just in a bad taxi accident.


3 thoughts on “Screw you guys… I’m going home.

  1. Oh yeah… right!!!!!

    No rest for this mild-mannered-webmeister of a medium-sized-metropolitan newspaper!

    Tomorrow, I have to miraculously put together a huge presentation reflecting on last year called “One Day In September”…

    Tomorrow, a major memorial ceremony which my wife organized. There will be entertainment, food, and hundreds of candles being cast on the lake. I’ve been asked to say a few words.

    (Not that I think anyone would find how a newsroom reacted to the biggest story of our lives particularly interesting…)

    So tonight there will be posters & decorating for the ceremony, a site to be designed from the back end up, and a house to be cleaned afterward….

    Like one of my editors said to me today:
    “Looking good, e! When are you going in for your embalming?”

    Another 48 hour day for me… *sigh*
    *pops four more vivarins.*

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