Second Step Program

Forgive me, as this may take several drafts, I’m kind of distracted these days.

We had a function at the school on Wednesday, a spaghetti dinner for charity.

Mainly it was for a very young and attractive teacher to explain the Second Step Program. She seemed to pay extra attention to me during the dinner, and while giving the presentation, and it was hard to concentrate past her sparkling green eyes and her conservatively dressed, yet oh-so-gropable body.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the Second Step Program.
Anyway, I think it’s an interesting concept where kids are taught to resolve conflicts with empathy… basically getting inside the other person’s head and knowing how they feel. To systematically examine the problem and *both parties* work together to resolve it.

A lot of words were lost, as I was (as usual) doing another 48 hour day, and I could swear her blouse was unbuttoning by my sheer mental telepathy.

I can see this going one of two ways. I had a pretty fucked up childhood. I think most of us did, when you look back… being intimidated by bullies, made fun of, rejection, inadequacy…

Well, eye contact was out of the question… they were too dazzling, and the exploding peek-a-boo hooters forced me to keep drifting off into thoughts of fucking her brains out right there in front of the very uptight crowd… to I tried concentrating on what she said by watching her mouth. Those soft, moist, full lips, her eager… wet… mouth… just….


Okay, I’m back… where was I?
Oh yeah (I’m clear-headed now.)

I’m trying to imagine a world where kids are taught early on to resolve conflicts with cold reasoning, bullies putting themselves in the victim’s position and not picking on them anymore….

At face value, I think that’s awesome.

On the other hand, we ARE who we ARE, because of these traumatic childhood experiences.

  • Would I be as creative as I am now, if I didn’t retreat into a fantasy world as a kid?
  • Would I be as over-protective of my family as I am if I wasn’t fucked with and constantly tormented?
  • Would I be able to handle some of the situations I’ve been in with the same balls of steel if it *WEREN’T* for the trials by fire I had to endure early on?
  • I don’t know, I am so tossed up about this program. While every one is thinking about all the future Jeffrey Dahmers and D.C. Snipers being averted, I wonder how many kids will use the skill of “getting inside people’s heads” and becoming future Hannibal Lechters?

    Everyone sees a future of peace and harmony, and I’m seeing a generation of wimps not knowing what to do during a terrorist attack or a hostile army taking over.

    In the immortal words of Captain Kirk: “I NEED my pain.”
    I need my creativity, my wits, & my borderline-insanity to survive.
    I needed the events that shaped me into who I am… ‘cuz I kinda like me.

    I dunno, somebody give me some perspective here… tell me what *YOU* think about the program. Considering homicide is the #2 cause of death of our 12 to 24 year olds… maybe teaching kids to control their impulses and emotions early on is a good thing. Maybe I’m not seeing the big picture here, or are these people just too optimistic as I feel there will *ALWAYS* be a predator somewhere in the shadows of our society???

    I wonder if she’s listed in the phone book? :0)

    6 thoughts on “Second Step Program

    1. I always have NATURALLY felt empathy for others. If these kids today don’t – what are today’s parents raising, a bunch of sociopaths???

      PS: I hate putting an e-mail address. Get rid of that shit!
      And yeah, sociopathy is a LEARNED personality disorder…

      As for your fantasies… how very inappropriate. heh.

    2. Personally, I like the email “retard” hoax. Makes me giggle every time I see it. Of course, some might question my sanity anyway.

    3. I don’t mind being called a retard…in fact, I need it from time to time. Keep me grounded you know what I mean? *rolls her eyes*

      Why don’t you come to one of my classes and stare at me -e-???? *wink*

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