Silent Night

Peace on Earth… And good will toward everyone.

Wow. Thank you all for your wonderful words of support. I have a few of my own but for a *small* minority of people (I’ll have a bigger better list for New Years):

  • To KayCee, Fiona Elise, and my new CyberPal, Debra Smouse: I pray for your continued health, so I may hear from you all through 2001….
  • To Jeffrey Zeldman & family, who are celebrating their first Christmas in years… ENJOY!
  • To Joe Jenett, who will be visited tonight by the “Three Ghosts of Christmas Capitalism“, I wish you much success in the next year… and it’s okay to make money on the web, y’know (Didn’t you see “South Park” last night?).
  • To Amber, Suzn, Patti, Tiffany, Kare, and Webmistress Jo, who have also had it rough this year… hang in there. 2001 will KICK ASS!!!!
  • To Jeff Clark, John Stoddart, Madeline Jacobs, and Ken Price… your words of encouragement are always a comfort, and your wisdom always welcome.
  • To Matt Rossi, wherever you are, I pray all is well with you, my friend…
  • Faith… it’s been a blast (and all in good fun, right?)!
  • And most of all…

  • Spending her first Christmas with her biological dad this year.Ashley… Mommy & Daddy love you and will see you tomorrow.

I know I left out a ton of important people, but it’s time to turn off the computer, and have Christmas…

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