Sinko Da Mayo!!!


Yep, it’s time to party… Cinco de Mayo is here!!!!
Commemorating when the outgunned and outnumbered Mexicans kicked Napoleon the Turd’s Imperialistic ass on May 5th, 1862.

Like St. Patrick’s day, it’s now a day where we all kick back and drink ourselves INTO a stupor.

Looking at other news…
What’s this? The Iraqis think it’s Halloween!??!
You silly Iraqis!!!! Oh hoh!!! Look at this guy…. “LOOKIE! I’m Batman… WOOOO.

You guys…
Anyway you can see the Iraqis and Americans whooping it up for Cinco de Mayo Halloween at The Memory Hole.

See? Saddam is no longer around to torture and humiliate you guys any more…

Aren’t you glad we came?

Hey… what’s the Geneva Convention mean among friends, anyway?

3 thoughts on “Sinko Da Mayo!!!

  1. I’m quite surprised that there has been no reaction here. Perhaps it’s been talked to death (new videos and charges are coming out soon… it’s REAL BAD), or perhaps you’re waiting for the “official reaction” FROM our Government (baaaaaa!).

    There should only be one reaction: OUTRAGE.

    If we as Americans are the people we CLAIM to be… we will denounce this. It’s against all of the laws and rules of warfare. It’s illegal. It’s immoral. We (the U.S.) are not above the law. End of story.

    We won’t make excuses, generate spin… etc.

    Jesus, people.
    When are you going to learn to think for yourselves?

  2. There has been reactions, but I didn’t post them. The whole thing make me sick, so do the video where Al Qaida chop the head of Nick Berg. Right now I prefer to pretend I live in a different world than this.

  3. O, I think the lack of posts is so indicative of the gut reaction it’s caused honestly. People are shocked, repeled, overwhelmed. Surely there’s an explanation, right? Nah. Not really. Just the perverse sickness that war almost always eventually turns to. I don’t understand why we seem to want to “out animal” the terrorists myself. I thought THAT was what set up apart. Karen Hughes’ comments about our differences being “respect for life” sure do take on a different meaning now, don’t cha think?

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