Siskel and -e-bert rent a movie

*Runs down the stairs watches until Britney’s fully clothed in the next scene.*

“She’s getting undressed! Hurry!”
*Nearly break at least one leg while falling down the majority of the stairs. Limp back upstairs while she gets re-dressed.*

(Repeat several times)

I have decided with what little a managed to catch of Crossroads, it’s probably one of the greatest movies ever created.

Of course points had to be subtracted due to the fact that the movie seems to be cluttered with that icky “dialogue” and “plot” stuff.

… and because I think I should have a doctor look at my leg.

I’m pretty sure that really hard and sharp thing protruding out of my pant leg is a compound fracture.

13 thoughts on “Siskel and -e-bert rent a movie

  1. Oh ladies, he’ll get his someday when some creepy guy is leering at his daughter and he tries to come to one of us for sympathy and shared outrage. Just make a note of this and move along. 🙂

  2. But Eric always has been an adorable pig, right?
    But pig nevertheless.
    And yes, I can see the fatherly outrage is going to be very very funny. *giggle*

  3. Kazaa enabled me to see pieces of this movie. She had scene in which cried rather well, but other than that, there wasn’t enough T and way (way) too little A.

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