Site’s getting there…

Hey thanks for stopping by, gang.
I’m really sorry I haven’t had the chance to stop by your sites and visit you lately. It’s been crazy here… but I miss you all.

I’m not 100% comfortable about considering this site “open” until all of the links work. I’m getting there. Truth be told this site was falling in disrepair back in 2001, so if I’m going to get this site running, I’ll be doing it right.

Latest additions:

  • Card Shop – Now php-enabled with a bunch of great new functions and options… So far, I have Romance, Humor. and Easter/Passover (Yes… that’s me in the Easter Bunny costume.). Send a FREE E-Card, with a wide musical selection today! (Flash and other new categories coming soon)
  • Soapbox – My rants & writings FROM 1998 to present (imported FROM Anarchtica). For some bizarre reason the comments were wiped out on certain pages like “Roe -vs- Wade: 30 years later”… which sucks, because there was some really great discussion in the comments.
  • Design – A gallery of most of the websites I’ve done, with a brief synopsis. I also have a section called Dead in the Water: Sites that crashed and burned, and why… and even First Works: The first two sites I ever made. Most designers would never be crazy/suicidal/stupid enough to do such a thing…. but you know me. It is impossible to overestimate my stupidity. :0)
  • Newsletter – Get updates, specials, news, gossip and goodies delivered right to your inbox. Powered by Yahoo! Groups.I’m sure you’ve noticed that I don’t email updates when I write here. I’m going to be honest … I have no plans to continue blogging on a regular basis. I’ve met a lot of really cool people here in the blogging community, and I’d like to remain a permanent fixture in this community… with out, uhm, actually blogging. If I feel strong enough about an issue, and a good rant coming on… it’ll be in SoApBoX. Whuzzup will return to a “What’s New” page. A nice, tidy HTML letter once a month or so with all the stuff going on. I don’t want to pester anyone, it will make my tumultuous life a little bit easier. I sent out invitations to many. If you missed/lost/never got one (cuz I’m a moron)… you can sign up here.
  • About Me – Well, it’s still the 2000-before-all-hell-broke-loose version, which is where I want to return in attitude and outlook. Bear in mind, most of you met me at a time where I was hit with court orders forbidding any mention of my children on the web. It is hard to get any real impression of me this way.As you can see all over this site, they play a major part of my life. Reading the archives of my writings, you can understand that there was no reason to have even *have* a site in those days… they’re in most of the stories and referenced everywhere. They are my whole world.

One last thought. I saw this picture on AP Yesterday, and I think this just says it all… “Our Boys” chillin’ in Saddam’s Palace.
Look who's coming for dinner...

My thoughts and opinions on our current Administration and their motives have been irrelevant FROM the moment we sent our troops INTO enemy territory. Fact of the matter is, I am proud as hell of these guys (and gals)!

While so many are whining about civilian casualties in a situation where there’s “fake surrenders” and car bombs at checkpoints… they could have easily resorted to “shoot first/ask questions later” to save themselves. FROM the rescue of Pvt. Lynch to the saving of an Iraqi woman caught in the crossfire on a bridge, they are doing an awesome job, and displaying a level of professionalism and heroism you just rarely see outside of movies.

Their job is to root out and eliminate bad guys, and to “fix broke stuff”. And they are doing it well.

Next stop: Tikrit…
Then (I hope) a big-ole “heroes welcome” for all of them as they come home safe! :0)

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