[Viral] Slow-Motion Marathons

From TrendHunter.com – Viral Humor and ComedySlow-Motion Marathons – This Slow Running Event in Los Angeles Promoted the New Baywatch Film (TrendHunter.com):

Slow-Motion Marathons - This Slow Running Event in Los Angeles Promoted the New Baywatch Film (TrendHunter.com)
(TrendHunter.com) For the release of the all-new Baywatch film, a clever promotional stunt was set up in downtown Los Angeles. Although many young people have never watched an episode of the original Baywatch, they are probably still familiar with the iconic slow-motion running in the opening credits, as it has made a lasting mark on pop culture. As such, a ‘Slow Mo Marathon’ was hosted by Paramount, featuring thousands of runners who slowly made their way across a 0.3 kilometer stretch, mimicking the way the original series’ opening credits were slowed down. This stunt offered an fun way to reference one of the most legendary parts of the 90s show. Just like a real marathon event, crowds of spectators gathered to watch the slow-motion run as it happened.

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