So, men have taste after all

MSN – News – FHM Names Jolie Sexiest Woman

Ohhhh, those lips! Do you know what a woman can do with lips like Angelina Jolie’s if properly trained???

My favorite movie of hers was “Girl Interrupted”. Besides a fiery, passionate bitchy woman turning me on to no end… my second favorite type is an insane woman.

I just loved how she looked right through somebody when she talked to them in that film.

After Jolie, readers ranked, in order, Jennifer Garner, Paris Hilton, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Alyssa Milano, Teri Hatcher, Pamela Anderson, Scarlett Johansson and Lindsay Lohan.

I can agree with all of them with the possible exception of Paris Hilton. I find Nicole Richie far more sexier. Teri Hatcher? Halle Berry? Hell yes! Lindsay Lohan? Well I kinda feel like a dirty old man (Yet I’m ok with Alyssa Milano, go figure!), but I got to admit, LL has a great set of legs!

Other notables on the list include British actress Keira Knightley, Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova and Latin actress Sofia Vergara.

When I first saw Kiera Knightley in “King Arthur”, I thought “Whoah! When did Wynona Ryder get pretty?”

Congratulations, men… you have restored my faith in you. You may have an extra banana pudding for your desert tonight.

Oh, and if you’re a dumbass (like me) who has spent a large part of your life having the back of your head smacked in either by your wife or your friends because a woman has been practically throwing herself at you… and you’re the only one who didn’t notice?

Well, I wholeheartedly recommend “The Satanic Witch”. A lot of insight based on real psychological principles on men and women, body language, types of men & women, and how the game is played. It’s really for women, but a guy can learn much about himself as well…

I won’t tell you much more, but I’ll offer you one bit of advice:
If you’re talking to a girl, and her pupils dialate?
You’re getting lucky, bro!!!!!

4 thoughts on “So, men have taste after all

  1. Ahh…pssh!!! All those women celebs (includin angie) had some work (surgical) done *winx* Ya men need REAL WOMEN!!!! Sure we ALRIGHT lookin compared to those hot actresses & whatnot…but shit! Atleast we are 100% real both on the inside & outside…

    Not that am jealous…well maybe a lil…*LOL*

    Although, us women have our own EYE CANDY…*drools over Collin Farrell & Stuart Townsend*…oh! And sexy Rob Lowe…good lord…thank the lord for makin beautiful men!!!!!

    Anyways, am out!!!

    Congrats to all those ladies who made that list…I give props to those who are ACTUALLY talented with some good movies!!!!!

  2. I’ll agree, Jolie is fine as hell, but when I think about Paris Hilton, or Pam Anderson, I want to throw up. Those two hot? Please.

  3. I’m with you Mr. Larry. Paris Hilton? Gag! Pam Anderson? *blush* Ok, she’s got the boob factor going on, but still…

    I agree with you, e. Angelina Jolie….*drool* She was the best thing in Alexander…*pant* *swoon* *thud*

    Oh, yes…where was I?

    Ah…too bad that they didn’t have Queen Latifah on the list…She’d be one of *my* top picks…*swoon* *thud*.

    Errrr….excuse me….:)

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