So, what happened to Enemy of the State?

Basically I mass emailed a bunch of you, let you know what my future plans are. With all of my maniacal ranting, and the CPS court case up for review next month… I don’t think having archives up was very wise.

Besides, I’m tired of reality.
I’m tired of doom and gloom…
I’m tired of whining.
I’m a doer, not a whiner.

I wanted to get a little goofy, put up “Rik Havyk’s Funhouse”, kind of like a puppet show for all my pals, if you will.

Well, most of you are just a tad sick of fake online personas.
The wounds are still too fresh. Hey, that’s cool.

I can still see your charred flesh and exposed layers of meat and nerves….

*stops to finish his eggplant hoagie and continues…*

So I shut it down. Temporarily.

I’m not comfortable with people seeing the real me. Knowing too much. Having too much information.

That’s how I bring people down.
I can get inside their heads, learn their fears, their weaknesses. Learn how to hear to what someone *isn’t* saying.

Of course I spoke to kd. She supports my decision, and leaving the door open for me…. the doll that she is.

I also wonder about the half truths, and the parts I keep leaving out (insiders know it all)… but is that any different from lying? I’d rather say nothing at this point.

A lot has changed in the past few weeks.

*Taps the 9″ bulletproof plexiglass walls surrounding the place; installed during one of Faith’s flame wars (Ah! The good ol’ days!)*

Ain’t nobody getting into this place, bay-bee….. you’re all safe here.

To be continued….
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